LSD first harvest pics!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped with some of the issues I encountered during this first grow! Yesterday, after 16 weeks from clone to harvest (62 days of flowering), I finally harvested them. These are the LSD strain (we named them “the Lucys”), indoor grow in a grow tent, 5 plants (all clones, monster cropped from the original plant that we grew from seed), using General Organics soil nutrients and a local garden shop’s “420” soil blend.

Here’s the garden immediately after an ice bath and 48 hours of dark. Don’t worry, I chopped these in the dark before exposing them to light. :slight_smile:

Got some seriously good colas too.

Thank goodness I got the XL size of the WeDryer to dry all these babies. I filled the entire thing! This is by far the largest harvest I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to taste.

And of course, no rest for the weary. I’ve already transplanted the next plants into their final pots and moved them into the flowering chamber. This time it’s 3 Chocolope plants (from ILGM fem seeds) and 1 Blackjack (in the back right corner). This time around I’m using FFOF and the FF Dirty Dozen nutes, since GO nutes were really hard to measure properly (since they are organic and EC/PPM is wonky with them) and gave me lots of issues with low Phosphorous late in flower. I’m also using a better drainage system underneath so I can actually measure runoff pH and TDS without killing my back.

Onward! Couldn’t have done it without all you fine folks, so thanks again. :slight_smile: :dancer:


Nice haul!


Nice harvest! Looks really dense.

I plan on growing lsd when I fire up the tent again this fall. I’ve had my eye on it for a while now

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I will be adding LSD to my veg tent as soon as I get the skywalkers and cherry pies in the flower tent. You got me all excited. lol


I just harvested two lsd-25 girls myself. Such pretty purple ladies!


Oh wow they are beautiful! I haven’t heard of LSD-25 but damn, it’s so incredibly purple. Nice work!

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Wel done @aspir2005 and @Buzzzxx. They look beautiful.

@Cannacure if you have a journal please give me a tag. I’d love to check it out. Same for aspir and Buzzzxx.


@shindig153 I don’t have a journal. Perhaps it’s time to start one?