Lowryder three weeks old

Lowryder 26 days from seed why is not starting to flower

That’s a loaded question. The biggest answer is because it’s 26 days from seed. Is this an auto or photo?

A photo won’t flower until it’s mature. About 5-6 weeks from seed and it’s light schedule has been manipulated to 12-12

Also from this picture, what are your temps the taco effect on the leaves is usually from heat

It’s auto flower and I’m pretty sure that I had my fan to close

Although it was around 100 a couple days

I was under the impression lowryder would start flowering after 17 -21 days

That’s veg time. And if u are reading that from the breeders u can’t trust anything those timelines say.

The longer u can keep it in veg the better for your yield. Believe me it will start to flower soon and u will know it’s coming Bc u will see the plant start to really stretch.

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So much for being 12 to 16 inches tall I put them in the sun when it’s out and under cfl the rest of the time hope I’ve got the space

I just read up on the strain. Looks like it will stay small but u should still see some quick growth for the stretch. Just maybe not as much as other strains. I have never grown lowryder.

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They will start pre-flower about 30 from sprouting, you will start to see tiny white hairs. Most od your growth will come in during the flowering period (or at least mine did) and you are correct, mine only got to 10" at most but my ignorance in growing probably had a lot to do with their overall growth.

Patience bud, you will be nicely rewarded from the looks of your girls.

I have a grow journal for the Lowryder if you want to go see pictures.

Thanx for the input what’s your journal called

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Also there are LOADS of training techniques you can use to keep her squat low and from getting too tall. LST is slightly bending the main stem horizontally (think an inch or two a day) her top will naturally go back towards light but you can just keep training her horizontally. Also topping/fimming is a GREAT way to slow a pants vertical growth. It WILL cause the side branchs to extend but the top will have to wait for new growth. Be warned. Topping an auto is not recommended because she may flip on you whenever and you’ll be without that main big cola. But it doesnt take very long for them to regrow. You may be in the perfect window. Solid 17 day growth. 2 week window to 30 days n preflowers. I say u top one or two just to see how the yeild differs

I am very tempted but I also read you shouldn’t top autos I think I need an opinion or info from someone whose :white_check_mark:

Two months ago (when i joind this sight) i would have NEVER topped one. N my girls are growing now she flowerd on day 30 but i was still hesitant at that point. Next strong growing auto i have tho is getting the treatment :rofl::rofl:. Its a case by case deal. Your girls look good. N i cant think of anyone of the top of my head. But hit the search bar for topping autos

@Onlythebest79 @CannabisLover89 @Countryboyjvd1971

It’s case by case and timing has to be on time when you top. I fed off the people on this site when I joined if you go through my post all my info came from here and another site called grow weed easy dot com. It’s a comfort thing and you have to try it to get a better understanding of it. Experimenting is key and you’ll mess up but most mess ups can be salvaged. So I say try and you’ll learn. Read read read and only do what you are comfortable with. By the way my autos I have going now are not topped. I LSTed her and trained her to what she is now. Last round I topped but this round I let them do their thing and it seems to me on a few of them I’ll at least get 3 o’s per plant

Thanks for the tips.


29 days they started flowering two days ago