Lowryder odor control needed or not?

ILGM support considers lowryder strain a fairly low odor strain compared to others. Anyone with grow journals for lowryder from ILGM can tell me How is the odor during flower/cure? Thank you!

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During flower and cure the aroma put off is pungent and skunky strong smell if healthy I could smell it from one end of the house to the other


If your growing indoors just get a carbon filter hooked up to your exhaust fan and you wont have to worry about it.
If outdoors? Hope your in a legal State.

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I have an ionizer just in case of smell leak! Works great within 5-10mins no smell. But, it is not a miracle worker! Mostly growing strains with low odor profile abd tge air purifier does the trick. I am just bummed out hearing mixed opinions regarding lowryder’s aroma. Some say she is a stinker and others say the opposite! Should have done more research on my part before purchasing seeds! Thanks everyone for the replies!

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Out of every strain I have a ground they’re all stinky in a good way I would suggest debating on getting that carbon filter