Least odor producing strain?

I’m brand new to this and I am just finalizing getting all my supplies together. I’ll be buying seeds from here next. I’ve been growing outdoors in the past, but I got new neighbors and I don’t trust them.
Anyways, what is the least stinky strain available? I’m mostly doing indica,as I smoke the most at night for insomnia, but I occasionally like a sativa when hiking and such.
Thanks for help! :v:t3:


Welcome to ILGM forum. I can’t recommend specific strains that would be best. But you should look for some of the strains that tend towards fruit aromas. ILGM seed store will have reviews that help with the different aromas each strain will have.


Welcome to the community ! Odor being a big issue I recommend buying a quality carbon filter for your exhaust. As @Bulldognuts mentioned I would lean more towards fruity and not the skunk.
Good luck


Agree with Kelly if you are leaving the outdoor grow due to neighbors. Indoor tent with a good charcoal filter will take care of smells. Had a hole in my filter connection. Backyard reeked. Fixed the problem, no smell in backyard (only in tent)


Definitely NOT Sour Diesel LOL!! :rofl:


Sour d is definately stinky. I find that Gelato has a mild smell but still tastes really good. 55/45 hybrid slightly on the indica side.


Thanks for all your replies and suggestions. I really appreciate them. I have a small tent kit with a charcoal filter that I’m getting ready to set up in my basement. I’m going to put install another dryer vent to push the odor outside via the charcoal filter. I’ve been leaning toward “white widow” strain too. I’ve grown the gold leaf outside and that was good shit, but a bit stinky! I’m just worried my house is going to reek inside as we do on occasion have guests. :heart::v:t3:

Jack Herer, Columbian Gold Sativas. Many Indica lines nowadays have Skunk and Kush in their genetics and they are the definition of loud. Landrace Sativas if you got room. ILGM Jack Herer would be an easy find! Lol!

Idk if I’m nose blind to it but my bubble gum smells pretty sugary and not over powering

White Widow…minimal smell, easy grow, good production, great buzz