Backyard Neighborhood Grow - Any Innovative Options to Combat Odor Issues?

Most threads I’ve found via search were 3-4+ years old and considering the expansion of legalization, I’d thought there would be more and newer options out there to combat odor issues for the neighborhood grower. I’ve seen “Ona” products on the market and maybe they’re the best option for me - the outdoor, lower (3-6 plants at a time) volume grower.

I didn’t have the odor issues with my autos earlier in the year but they were 20% of the size of my current plants and I really think I’m going to need to do something in the next few weeks as my work/sweat pays off in big bushy buds. I’ve got 4 nice, feminized 3’ white widows in 7 gallon pots.

If no one has any ideas I’ll just go with Ona but you guys have all been such an incredible resource for me, I thought I’d lean on you one more time for your specialized knowledge.

Happy to hear any and all ideas.

Thanks in advance

@sweet1231 For outside there is no good way for inside carbon filters the best for outside is growing strains that are not skunky smell do fruity strains outside


Yea, you are SOL when it comes to outdoor smell other than less stinky strains. I had the telephone repair man show up when I wasn’t home, cops haven’t show up so either the wind was blowing in my favor or he was cool dude. I had to move my girls the other day when we had a potential horse buyer come by.

I’ve read that planting other heavily scented plants in the yard can help. Mint, basil, lavender…


What @Drinkslinger said.

Iv got a bucket of fish guts/body’s and a bucket of Kina guts and shells and I kick the buckets daily, I bet the whole block can smell it :nauseated_face::joy:

Thanks all. While the fish guts are a nice thought :wink: and I’ll definitely plant some mint and other spice based plants next spring, I think my best bet for this fall is going to be buying a gallon of Ona and placing a few jars strategically in the corners of my yard - near the neighbors border.

Will report if it’s successful. I’ve got a fence but it isn’t like a prison fence, anyone could, if they wanted to, get thru it. I just want, for the next 7ish weeks, to not draw any attention to my crop.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


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grow non-smelly strains. no way to control outdoor odors.

making the effort to control the issues you can will be much less hassle than dealing with the sick out of touch judicial system. OR…win the lottery, buy a million acres of “way out there” property and do whatever you like. Yeah…me neither…sigh

Short non-smelly strains are the favorite of growers in NOT FREE STATES

Ona gel is the best masking agent indoors. I bet it would also work outdoor as well but your going to need to order a couple or three gallons…

@tanlover442 thanks for the advice and I’ll take it to heart.

As someone in their first year of growing, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m still learning and got a long way to go.

To be honest, I’ve always been under the impression that an intense, powerful crop meant it HAD to have a strong odor.

And my only specific issue with with picking a strain with low odor is that I’ve got other pressing needs from my crop as well - higher cbd if possible, etc

But I know I’m not special in that regard, we all have to balance our wants vs our needs.

You can bet on one thing - going into next year’s outdoor grow season, rest assured I’ll be searching for something that (a) has some cbd benefits but still mainly thc (b) is relatively compact (under 3’ or so) (c) can thrive outside and now (D) keep the smell down.

Thanks again for the advice to all.

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I might just buy a couple of bags of good stinky manure and open them up, and give them a good stir a few times a day. I don’t know about you guys but the smell of manure doesn’t bother me and it might do wonders covering for the smell of stinky weed. They seem like they might be in the same “smell palate” if not the same smell neighborhood. :smile:

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Browse the seed listings here. Good selection…and…you can input your preferences on seeds.