Lower leafs help

What the heck is this. It’s a bag seed in soil.

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What does the rest of the plant look like ?


Plant 2

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The new growth looks good. I would worry about it



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Plant #3

Could it be a magnesium deficiency, I read somewhere that red stems were a symptom.

What’s your soil pH at?

64-84f is a pretty big temp swing.

Any chance there’s a strong breeze rubbing those leaves against each other, or the tent walls?

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It could be rubbing on the side of the tent, I’ll check the soil when I get off work today, it’s the same soil I’ve been using and I’ve never checked but have 4 plants almost ready for harvest using the same.

They look a bit overwatered. Other than that I think they look fine.

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Soil is really wet it appears… have you let them dry out completely?

Especially this pic it’s easy to see how wet the bigger plants are

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I just watered yesterday

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@Magilla12 Check this out :sunglasses::facepunch:

Symptom Checker – Identify Marijuana Plant Problems

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I have several times.

To me, nothing can be perfect with plants. This is minor and if you have everything in check then it will pass.

What dont you think you have in check…?’ An educated guess at the very least :sunglasses:

I’ll check the soil ph and go from there. Thanks for the help


If you need it at some point :sunglasses::facepunch:

@Magilla12 Try some good quality seeds next grow :facepunch:t2::sunglasses: