Branches are reddish color

Two of my plants, Super Silver and Northern Lights, are developing reddish branches, the NL more so of the 3 pics. They are growing fine orherwise. Anyone have ideas?

They doing good , but they can used a little cal-mag before things go out the way , or Epsom salt . Try researching it , not sure of how to mix , but information is out there to explain .

Yes, red stems is often a sign of a magnesium deficiency and adding some cal-mag or epsom salt could help.

However the red stems could be from pH or over watering as well.

Listen to Macgyver , that’s is the guy who helped me with the same issue , but you want to correct that before flowering .

But for as the plant , it has nice leaf growth , so you doing good , but with some nutrient system the reddish stem is very common at some point in growing . Good thing is to catch them early , because the help on the forum can identify and help you make necessary correction easily early before things get out of hand .

Actually, if you look closely at the leaves you see some twisting/curling or cupping (early taco-ing) on the edges, and this too is pointing to…most likely a pH problem.

Could be , what’s the ph ? Should be 5.8 - 6.0 mainly for veg , no more than 6.2 right . Must be somewhere close to 5.8 -6.2 at least at the roots . I’m buying a soil ph measurement tester to go with my Milwaukee ph tester , so not only I know the water going in & coming out , but yet also in the dirt as well . My next grow will be 2 white widows only , mainline trained and LST trained , and should have a scrod screen ready by then for my small space camp .

I’ll check the Ph. I’m using new Potter’s Gold soil and distilled water. Also self watering pots. I saturated the soil from the bottom by mistake at the beginning 5 weeks ago. I’m trying to let it dry before watering again, water meter says still moist/wet. If red color is from overwatering will that fix itself once the soil dries out? Does this harm the plants in the long run?

Yes, if you do not over water, the roots will repair and the red will likely go away, especially if you keep the pH under control. The over-watering itself creates a bit of a pH problem at the roots that might not show with a soil probe or testing the runoff. As long as the soil has enough balanced nutrients in it and the pH isn’t too out of whack, it should correct itself without continued over-watering.

Great, thanks for the help!