Lower half of marijuana keeps dying

A question from a fellow grower:

been having this problem for two or three cycles…plants do fine

then bottom 1/3 to 1/2 dies. Seem to have visible pests under control, regular feedng and fertilizing, Co2 and circulation

daily. Havent checked ph…could that be part of the problem?

PH is the most important factor in growing successfully. Without the proper PH, plants cannot uptake nutrients correctly. I also see IMO; Something is eating your plants.

PLease fill out this support ticket. We will try to help. However; That poor plant is in bad shape. Sorry; I cannot sugar coat this for you.

Seedbank used:
Indoor or Outdoor?
Size of space:
Soil or Hydro?
Medium used:
EC/TDS ppm levels:
Humidity %:
Light system/watts?

Now check your PH. You do this by watering or feeding, then measure the PH of the runoff from the pot. Peace

In reply to your questions. Seed bank: Seed Depot Strain: liberty & anatomical base, wappa, doctor. Indoor in large round kids pool approximately 4 ft across, grown in soil(happy frog & ocean, mixed 50/50) Ph unknown just order a tester. I do not know what EC/TDS means. Temp is between 63-70, humidity very low. Lights fluorescent 6500 lumins. 4+2, 8 bulb fixture. I do have spider mites we are trying to clear up with AzaMax. All plants are in 5 gal buckets with a reservoir in the bottom. Thank you and I will check the ph as soon as possible.

I suggest you download, and, read our free grow bible. Growing without knowing PH, EC/TDS, Humidity “low” does not cut it. You need to know all these values.

IMO you have wasted your seeds. The reason I say this is; You have absolutely no background ion growing and you have not researched anything as far as I can tell by your responses. I am sorry to have to be so blunt about this, but, I do not think those plants will recover, or finish with any decent yield.

Best advice. Do some research; Get the correct tools (meteres, pens, etc), and start again with a grow plan. It is sad, but many growers start seeds, and get in over their head before they have a clue. So do not be worried; You are among many.

Good luck, and if you start another grow, we can help you from the start. Peace