Low ph when measuring runoff

Hi guys , looking for some advise from the pros. So this is my situation week 3 in flowering watering with 6.7ph and coming out at 5.5ph. I have 2 sky walker og and 1 strberry annesia, the 2 sky walker are under a 600hps in a 4x4 tent. 1 is in a 5 gallon and the other in a 3 gallon and are being scroged at temps 68-80, 76-80 during lights on and 69-73 when off , using ff happy frog soil with added perlite and dolomite lime and feed with the dirty dozen nutrients but not all of them and not following there feeting schedule strength im going at 1/3 strength .same with the amnesia 5 gln pot scrog just the difference it is under a 300watt led. I’ve been trying to fix this issue and can’t manage to. I added to my soil before repottng into 5 gl pots that are now besides the 1 sky og that is in a 3 gln pot 4-6 tbl spoon of dolomite lime because I had this issue on my grow before and read that dolomite lime might fix the problem but still nothing runoff at 5.5 also I top dressed with 3 more table spoons and mixed with top soil like a week ago . The funny part is that the amnesia is doing fine and looks beautiful but still runoff at 5.5. The 2 sky og the one is showing signs yellow leafs and brown spots sighns of deficiency and slow bud development and I’m pretty sure is nutrient lockout do to low ph the other looks a little healthier but I can tell that is starting to have problems and also this has more bud development then the other 1 both started at same time since they are in the same tent. Any advise will be great . Also the pen i use is calibrated every time and its an apera pen that are food and expensive, I dont feed over 1000ppm and the ppm at runoff is 500 weach that tells me its not nutrient burn . So I have 2 things in mind . Number 1 ph lockout because ph is to low . And 2 the runoff is fine and I’m having a deficiency problem. But again it can’t be fine at 5.5ph runoff. Please help. The plants where painted in they’re final pots 6 weeks ago and I flushed them 3 weeks ago before going into flowering .

Do you have any pictures?
Low ph for run off is okay if the plant looks good.

Pictures or it didn’t happen haha.

FF recommends flushing at regular intervals and it’s a good idea to monitor the runoff TDS as well as PH when trying to maintain soil environment.

A Support Ticket would be good too.

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I will load some later when I get home . But there turning yellow with brown spots something like a calcium deficiency and slow bud growth.

Support ticket? I wrote down everything . And I do monitor tds ec ph and Sault with my pen every watering just thought when adding lime that would have raised ph because I did runoff with my soil before potting and it came out at 5.7 so its low from the bag again ts the happy frog soil . I did my first flush 3 weeks ago before going into flower, tds was around 1600 and ph around 5 . Then I did the flush brought tds down to 800 but I can’t seem to bring the ph up where I want it , it won’t pass 5.7. I fed the next watering and checked again tds where good around 1000ppm but ph again is low around 5.5 so I have been feeding with plain water since then to try to raise ph added a few more til spoons and mixed it with the soil but still nothing ph is at 5.7 and my ppm ar dropping to 500ppm so either im going to starve them or the low ph will kill them . I thought about doing a heavy flush and using some sledge hammer since its almost been 4 weeks since last flush and take it from there. What do you guys think?

This are some pictures of the leafs

And its mostly on new growth

Nobody has any advice?? Cooll

Support ticket would be helpful, if you don’t tag people, it can go unnoticed.
Looks like calcium have you been feeding calcium?

How much water are you running through the pots ? It takes a lot of water to bring the ph up. I remember I had a plant with low ph below 5, I didn’t think I was going to get the ph up, I ran 5 gallons through the pots, then got fed up and started to use the hose (ph7), took lots to bring it up around 6- 6.5.

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Im a newbie but i can tell thats a cal-mag def. It it maybe soils ph that is not letting the plant uptake it so try plan tape water out your sink it usually has a higher ph make sure its dechlorinated tap water

I ran like 6-7 glns through the 5 gln pots. So what should I do . Flush till I go to 6 6.5 and feed the next watering . Or should I go ahead and feed it now at 5.7ph with some calmag and some bloom and kelp

I’m using FF Frog and am having low pH runoffs too. Putting in 6.5. Getting out 5.8 to 6.2.
Been wondering so I did a search here.
Seems like there was a bad batch of FF Frog that might be causing this issue, read it here.
I was a little perplexed with the low pH too.

My Flushes didn’t correct anything. Good luck. Keep growin’