Low oxygen issues with DWC Cannabis cultivation-no problem

This is thread is specifically for growers that do have low oxygen problems, have had low oxygen problems and growers that are concerned about the possibility of having low oxygen problems resulting in root death and disease.

FACT: Plenty oxygen = No Low Oxygen Problems
FACT: Professional hydroponic cannabis growers claim that having plenty oxygen is the most important nutrient in DWC pot grows. Many hobbyist have a far different opinion about the vital importance of O2.
FACT: Root rot and fungal outbreaks confirm, low oxygen crisis
FACT: DO Testing confirms or denies low oxygenation DX and totally eliminates worry and guessing.

Salifert O2 Test Kit – 50 DO Tests - $19.99 FREE SHIPPING TOO (site)

The vast majority of DWC hobbyist cannabis growers (for fun and profits) have never had any low oxygen disasters with their DWC cannabis crops. If you are one of the very few that have had or worry about low oxygen problems caused by low oxygen issues, this is a cheap way to make yourself a pure oxygen generator (electrolysis type) like this one:
O2 Grow oxygenator - (site) it cost $200 and change.

This oxygen generator will cost you only $8 and change – it generates pure oxygen too and you make it.
DIY - $8 Aquarium sterilizer - YouTube HOW TO: $8 Aquarium sterilizer - YouTube

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Not the first time I have seen hydrogen generators several factors to consider they generate heat and their reaction increases with ppm which is EC (electrical conductivity) I ran one substantially larger in my truck with regulators voltage and amperage regulators which are something you really would want if you chose this route. Since their reaction speed is increased with EC they speed up generating more heat and will actually run away without regulators to the point of exploding batteries boiling water trust me done it. They do have effective versions that run in milli amps and super low voltage since the process is breaking molecules it also releases metals into water like electroplating process how it would react with nutrient solutions ph levels and chelating processes is yet another question.
I personally wouldn’t use one of these even though I own one with all the goodies to control it but just my opinion

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Was hydrogen the fuel you made and used for your truck motor? I have heard of using H2 fuel for motors, but I have never actually seen one of met anyone that uses H23 for motor fuel.

It’s the nano oxygen bubble production that got my eye. Nano oxygen bubbles produced by the electrolysis of water is very impressive. Of course there are other nano bubble generators that make O2 bubbles too. Nano bubbler are so small they make micro and macro oxygen bubbles look gigantic. Nano oxygen bubbles are special, they remain suspended in the water column for weeks. A real plus for hydroponic and agricultural water oxygenation.

I think Nano O2 bubble production is certainly worth further investigation. I’m not a big fan of electrolyzing water to oxygenate hydroponic water today, but I do believe it worth investing some time to learn more about the technology. I will kook into this more.

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