Lots of difference in my plants . I know they came from the same source

I literally pulled 4 seeds out of a bag of green crack. I’ve got two flowering at the same pace but the tall one seems to be about 3 weeks behind and we t through a 1 foot growtj spurt last week. Can plants of the same strain differ so dramatically?? Just curious. It’s seems healthy enough And if it starts budding like the other two will be covered in crystals soon enough

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Welcome to the community!! Do you have pictures?

I do. Not very good ones though

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The one on the right ! Obvious female but not budding out yet IMG_20210919_200855366_HDR|375x500


Plants are living creatures and like people just because they have the same parents they won’t always look alike. The only way I know to get them the same is clones


It’s phenotypes. Each plant has an average of at least 4 phenotypes. This is just different characteristics of the same genetics. This is where you’ll see the term “pheno hunt”. This is where breeders try and find a specific phenotype and recreate it.


@BobbyDigital Is correct! Although they may be the same strain each plant will show slightly different caricaturists of there parents. If grown from seed.

I live in Oregon and grew 10 Purple Dream from seed. Each plant is alittle different. Some show more GDP traits while others lean heavy on the Blue Dream traits. Thus resulting in slightly different flowering times, plant structure and growing trails. Kinda like how I have a different eye color than my sister dose although we have the same parents.
I would examine the grow threw veg. and make the call of what ‘plant’ I like the most. What ‘Purple Dream’ thrived the best in my area. I would next take all my cuttings (clones) from that one plant. All the cutting from that one plant would look and growing the exact same.
This is called Pheno Hunting. Very time consuming but worth it if you are sticking to one strain and can keep it around.

I hope this help alittle.
Happy growing…

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Also remember that just because seeds came from the same bud, doesn’t mean they have the same father! If there was a grow with multiple plants, could be multiple males pollinating the same female.