Losing my mind please advise

Can anyone diagnose?
6 week old plant
Great Lakes water only soil
Ph is around 6
Roots organic Buddha bloom


I’m no expert, but I would think it’s a nutrient deficiency as the plant is going to flower.

Possibly Potassium?

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Just from what I’ve read it seems maybe a K or P def. Also a noob so definitely let the more knowledgeable guys chime in!

Do I add more of the bloom?

Haven’t had first hand experience with that soil, but if it is an organic soil, your target ph should be around 6.5-6.8

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I’m completely new to all of this but I have found this article fairly informative for different issues found with leaves, albeit not an end all for answers.

Cannabis Plant Problems

Hello, the reason he mentions ph above is because if the soil ph level shifts beyond the comfort zone of 6-7ph the plants ability to uptake nutrients is severly negativly effected, leading to what look like decientcies in your soil but the real culprit could be ph balance in the soil. Its to easy to check l, just test the runoff of your next watering best of luck growmie

Hello there
Get your ph up. Check your numbers from runoff. Cant tell from pics if plants are on risers. Catch their runoff.

Ph is 6-6.5…could it be the temp is too high? Or nitrogen deficient? The temp is 80 rh is 40