At a Glance, what is problem?

Hey, at a glance, what could be causing this?
I usually ph my water at 6.3-6.6. Im am testing TDS now. Soil is pretty dry a few inches down!
Growing in FFOF… day 70ish from seed

Only seems to affect new growth (small leaves)
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FYI, just because you are watering with 6.5ish water, this does not guarantee the pH in the soil/media is at 6.5 in the root zone.

You should check run-off to try and get an idea of what the pH is at the root zone. Or better yet, take a sample from the root zone and test it as described here:

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@MacGyverStoner awesome. I just used water at 7.1 ph to test runoff of root system. I poured the wayer slowly until i got enough runoff. Runoff measured at 6.4

Hey @VelcroThumb
I blew the photo up larger but honestly, I am not sure what the “this” is that is happening to the “small leaves.” Is there a deformity, a discoloration? Sorry just can’t see anything standing out at me.


@Screwauger it could be me being paranoid. But to me it looks like the new growth leaves are more spindly/spiny (if those are the right words). Brand new growth is perky, but each node below drops a bit.

Not seeing anything that jumps out could be a good sign! @Screwauger

This is far from actually accurate, but think of it this way, if 7.1 went in, and at the bottom 6.4 came out, that means 0.7 difference, so your pH might be much lower than 6.4 in the soil, maybe at least 0.7 lower than 6.4

The most accurate reading will come from the soil at the root zone and tested as described in Robert’s article.

You can use the test drops or soil testers as well as the digital pH probes.

Something like these:

Or even as this pdf describes for testing your soil with this or the more common hydro pH drops?

Like these very popular pH test drops:


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Oh I get it. I over examine my gals and paranoid is likely the best approach. Gets you out ahead of the curve.

We will get it figured out is my guess. Stay tuned.

@VelcroThumb hey just stopping by, I took a look and they seem ok to me. Some of my new growth on some of my plants when they were from seed had the same characteristics. As the plant section matured, it went away. My OG Kush and GSC was that way. Hope this makes you feel better. But I would double check that PH just to be on the safe side. Also @Screwauger

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Thank goodness you said that! I thought my eyes had gotten worse overnight :rofl:


I wasn’t gonna be the first dummy hahaha! I’m with all of you: all I see is a bitchin’ looking plant, dude!

Good to get your ph figured out though before trouble pops up. And it ALWAYS pops up eventually haha!


Thank you, OG Kush is looking the same, what a relief. Im looking after my sons plants while he way for 2 months and panic was setting in. Now more relax with all those comments.