Looking to buy a grow kit

Hey folks, looking to get some advice and insight. My wife and I dry vape about 1-2oz a month. Our budget to put something together is around 1500. We like a variety of things though mostly indices. Durban, cinex, black Betty, super lemon haze are our normal sativas. We found we can’t stray from those else the deep convos get a little intense and we’ll forget how we even got to the topic. Indices though, the stronger the better. We tend to primarily indulge around bed time, after the kids are asleep. Best sleep I ever discovered.

That said, given we want grow a few for smaller yields (1oz per 4 plants would be ideal) … is this something doable for <1500$ ? Would autos be best?

Our biggest reason for growing is reliability of strains. The shops don’t always have what we want so we’ve decided to cut that variable out.

Thanks for your insight.


Welcome to the forum! If you’re going through 1-2 zips a month you would maybe want to account for a little more. You’re looking at very minimum 3 months seed to harvest, and its probably more like 4 months. Then some dry and cure time too. If you dropped a seed today I wouldn’t really be expecting to smoke any of that til after the new year.


Yea we know we’re going to have to continue buying local until we get a first harvest. That’s not an issue. We’ve spent close to 4k$ on ‘top shelf’ stuff that I’m positive we can out do. I grew up in southern bama on a large farm and we had some of the juiciest mater grows. Between the unreliability of stock and variance in quality, this is why we are here now.

What kind of setup/layout would you propose?

E: I should be more clear, we don’t have a problem having to grab an oz every so often from a shop as we like to try new things anyways but if we can bump expected yields up in a proposed plan/layout then that would certainly be preferred obviously

Instead of going 1oz per plant, try to grow one plant to produce 4oz. You can do this with a 2’x2’ space and save money on nutrients and extra lighting and electricity.

More plants = more space and more nutrients
More space = more lighting
More lighting = more electricity

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I was going to suggest shooting for something like a 3x3. I’m not aware of any “good” kits, but you could get everything you need within budget. Once you got the hang of it would probably produce plenty too

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Hlg 300 v2 3500k + red spectrum

4x4x6 plant house grown tent

Using the 4x4 for a 3x3 grow space with room to get around the tent, is this common practice? Or do you just get the tent you plan to fill out?

Then I need to look in to containers and soil. A lot seem to prefer fabric containers; is there a reason for this or just a preference?. Is coco better overall? I’ve read a bit but it seems like a lot of stuff is mostly heavy opinion. What nutrient setup, if any, is preferred? Not interested in hydro. Like I said I know how to grow some fat and healthy veggies but that’s in good fertile top soil, not something like coco.

They have a complete package kit that seems to have stuff I hadn’t even thought of and not sure if they’re even needed. It definitely looks like they charge a premium for the kit itself by maybe a few hundred.

2.5 x 5 grow kit

Would a 2.5 x 5 work as well or is a 4x4 better if you look to flower a 3 x 3 field?

Sorry lots of questions. Seems like no build is ever the same and each person has their own preference/spin they put on their builds. Almost like building a PC.

E: it’s important we be able to grow a minimum of two strains with the minimum yield above. We just started thc 2 years ago but in that time have learned that we need to switch strains every few days or the tolerance to the specific cannabanoids gets pretty stout pretty quickly. By altering our strain usage we find we use less overall because the potency remains high. It may be completely anecdotal but it seems like there’s some science behind that. I’m sure there are some horticulturists here that could verify or debunk that thought lol

I’m looking into the same. From what it seems much like other hobby ventures the kits might have a few things that will work for the need but they usually fluff the kit with a bunch of subpar unnecessary items.
I’ve been looking at some individual products and would appreciate any thoughts and input on this. Thanks in advance!
Looking at this as tent; https://www.apollohorticulture.com/product/48x48x80-tent/
And this for light source; Phlizon Newest 2000w LED Grow Light Review - GrowYour420
Also would appreciate any advice for ventilation, intake, exhaust. Are the exhaust kits worth the cost as opposed to piecing my own together?

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Also would 3/3gal fabric pots be a good choice for a tent that size or could I step up to 3/5Gal pots for bigger yield?

@BobbyDigital @dbrn32

How does this look as far as inventory is concerned? Is there anything I’m leaving out? We still need to decide on a medium to grow in. Had figured on coco, but maybe soil would best first time a round since I know how to handle a soil harvest well enough.

Is there any other equipment we need that we might be forgetting? Thanks

24 Hour Dual Timer
General Hydroponics pH Test Color Match Control Kit
1/8 inch Ratchet Light Hanger (Pair)
2 x 6 inch Clip Fan
8" In-Line Fan - 720 CFM
Carbon Filter 8" x 12" 750 CFM
Trellis Netting 5 ft x 60 ft w/ 6 in Squares
2 x Fabric Charcoal Pot - 7 Gallon
2x Black Saucers 16"
Black Lightproof Ducting w/Clamps Size 8" x 25’
Horticulture Lighting Group HLG550 V2 R spec - 500W LED Grow Light
Grow Tent - 4’ x 4’ x 73" 126.41
Thermo-hygrometer 40$ from home depot

If that looks good, guidance towards a growing medium is our last step in planning I think.

I would ditch this and opt for a digital ph meter. Would also add a $15 tds meter to the list.




We’ve got a quality TDS meter, so will look in to your other suggestion as well. Thanks.

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I agree about using digital ph tester. And your fan and filter may end up being a little small for your space too.

Someone on here told me to not go under a 6inch exhaust fan. And it has been the right move for me.

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What size should it be bumped up to?

I understand the ph tester. We dont use colors or strips for our aquarium setup, makes sense that kind of crap wouldnt be good to use in a grow. We’ll buy a 2nd digital ph reader for the plants as well. Makes sense.

e: went ahead and subbed in a 8" In-Line Fan - 720 CFM for now. Should the carbon filter be changed out as well?bumped up the filter and ducting to 8" as well.

You should also consider the room the tent will be set up in , basement , closet , garage . Is there enough power supply and outlets , exhaust ventilation , room temperature variations . These are some of the things I didn’t think about until later .

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Hard to say. Some fans deal with static load better than others, and some filters work fans harder than others. Amount of duct, type of duct, and amount of bends in your duct will all add static load to your system too.

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cooooooool, i want it too

Someone on here told me to not go under a 6inch exhaust fan. And it has been the right move for me

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We’ve got a quality TDS meter, so will look in to your other suggestion as well. Thanks.