Looking looking am I ready to harvest

Can somebody tell me if I’m ready to harvest. Plant has been in ground since may


Nope not yet. Getting close tho. The white pistils will turn amber to dark brown. Then the pistils will recede into the flower aka bud. This is when you start checking trichomes. A $10 jeweler loupe Amazon takes the guess work out of it. :+1:

Looks like you have a Cal-mag deficiency going on at the moment.


I do have a jewel MagnifyGlass but I can’t really tell. How much more time do you think I have

Also what do I do for the cal-mag deficiency

You can buy Cal-mag on Amazon. There is home remedies that you can do but I don’t
know what it is. As I never have these issues ever.

Time line…really depends on what you like the high to be. I only grow for medication with all the damage to my body. I don’t go for couch lock. I am no expert at guessing how long you have left.

You could do a ghetto check. If you have a bud on the very bottom that is the size of a popcorn, nuke it on high for 1 minute in the microwave. This decarbs it and ready to smoke.

Now remember the top finishes faster than the bottom.


hahaha ghetto check. love it.

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3+ weeks left would be my guess by looking at your pictures. I wouldn’t be worried about checking trichomes just yet. Definitely got some deficiencies going on. Do you have pictures of the whole plant

Right on nice lady. Momma. Well done saying goes wait another week when u think its ready. Happy growing @Hotstuffmom

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Well here was my baby my son-in-law and daughter harvest today. Hopefully she produced enough for me to get by before I can harvest the rest

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Is that white pistils I see every where?

Still dry time and curing process @Hotstuffmom. Looks like beauty well done.