Looking for the best way for Drying and curing 3 SS and 2 GL

First harvest so I’m looking for the best way to dry and the best way to cure, any help is greatly appreciated. Should I cut all the leaves off the plant and buds before hanging it to dry? I have two weeks left before cutting the 5 plants down. Thanks for any and all advice.

For smaller plants like those, I typically cut the & hang the whole plant when I cut. Then, when I’m ready to process it (withing a day or so of the cut typically), THEN I cut the leaves & give all the buds/colas a fairly good trim before I wash them.

I save the final manicure for when it’s done drying & ready to go into the jars for the cure.

You’ll get a variety of answers on this. Some people trim branches down or do a light trim. Others will separate the nugs out and try them that way. It all depends on your humidity levels. If you have really high humidity I would separate them, if it’s really dry, hang them whole.

Lots of humidity here in Texas, so maybe I will just leave the sugar leaves on while drying?

Thanks for your input greatly appreciated.

Thank you four your input. What do you wash ur bud with and how?

Thank You

Check out the bud wash thread. They say to use a 5% peroxide and water wash @Hoginator.



Thank you @Covertgrower, is this something that you feel should be done if there isn’t any mildew or mold or is this only to treat the bud before curing? Thank you again for the post and video

I’ve done it every harvest I’ve had since being educated. It assists in rinsing out dust and debris too. Trichomes are not dissolvable in water, so don’t be too concerned with losing them. They’re stuck on there.


Hell yeah. Thanks for the education, so it looks like I’ll be washing in two weeks. :+1: