Looking for a solid article on LST for autos

Looking for some help with low stress training for my 2 autos. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The only difference between autos and photos is that autos can be more sensitive to stress than photos given their propensity to flower quickly and the fact that they can be twitchy. Go easy and early on the training of autos.


Thanks midwest. I was thinking about low stress training one and letting the other do its natural thing to see the difference in yields

The first place I usually look is growweedeasy and Nebula Haze

How to Train Auto-Flowering Plants for Bigger Yields


Hey if you ever want to see how tough auto’s can be check out my journal… i just got finished punishing one to the max on training… but that’s just something I was trying and it’s working well… but there’s a few different easy methods available… these guys up above are both Champs and know their stuff…