Looking at problems

using light nutes right now, flora series 2nd week above ground.

What soil are you using?

Coco + perlite

Solution maybe a tad too strong. N she’s very light colored. How often do u water?

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Watering once daily

Try to cut ur solution in half

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Thanks. Just got home and I’m gonna see how things look.

about 12 hours later

Are you adjusting PH of your solution?

Coco is considered more ‘technical’ and really needs to have a decent PH and TDS meter. Did you buffer your coco with cal mag?

What exactly is your watering procedure?

Good call again! stoner haha.

Learned from some pros :wink:

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I did buffer it before planting. I adjust the solution for a 6.0 (ish) Ph before watering. I test the run of after feedings as well

So could you answer those Q’s above?

Do you have? If so; when did you calibrate last?

Thanks, the advice Qs were answered in the earlier thread. As for the implied Qs, I have a Ph/TDS meter from vivosun that I got in February, it was calibrated before its first use. Again, the plants get watered once daily with GH nutes and CalMag

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I use the GH line and like it. Promix or coco are also my preferred media so good choice. Plant should be seeing input TDS of all three base nutes per their ratio but dilute down to 300 ppm or so for a week. Feed daily. Don’t store it: mix fresh. (If you are experienced grower sorry; I’m high :smiley:). Coco is kind of in a delicate balance about now: can’t water to runoff but media needs to stay damp. Eventually you will be on a feed/water/feed/water with cal mag on water-only days. This seems to be the sweet spot and keep PH around 5.8. In a week bump up to 500 ppm, following up to peak of 750 ppm or so.

Watch the plant: it really will tell you if it’s happy or not.

Happy growing.

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Thanks, I was just about to make a batch of feed since it was the holiday, but I’ll follow that advice. I’m far from experienced, so you won’t offend. When should the feeding get switched up like you mentioned? I’m going into week 3 above ground and I feel like I’m behind

As the plant grows to occupy the container the feeding concentration and schedule will change. Once plant is established it will grow quickly and you will be watering to runoff or feeding daily. I normally go to a F/W/F/W cycle once in flower.

If you keep the TDS of solution moderate like I stated, your plant will do nicely.

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Moved in, unpacked and ready to settle in. Hope it went well.

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Thanks, makes sense.

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I was using a template I got from some one on here to manage my weekly feedings

doing better

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