Long time storage

No good place for this post. Long term storage more than a few months or more than a year.
I got a oz back in Jan of this year stored in the freezer until I want some take out a small nug put the rest back.
Still somking the rest. Taste changed over time, not bad or harsh just different turpins where not same. Kind of interesting how the changed evolved.
At present karvest will be more then enough for at least 12 months or more. Have you tried to store more then 12 months.


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I did in the freezer and when I took it out it was dry as a bone. I have been told to put in a jar with one of those vacuum lids and remove the air. When you take out of the freezer you should thaw it before opening to allow the moisture in the container to transfer back into the bud

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still smokin last years dope! Just in a jar in a dark cool place. If you want long term, the best is to make hash out of it, freeze that. Take out what you need.

Iā€™ve stored buds for a year with little to no degradation using glass jars & Bovida humidity packs.

Boveda packs !!!We keep it in jars in the dark. Kida like a wincellar some of our most potent flower is coming up on three years . The longest we have ever had flowers was 3.5 years. It was still good very good . We ram out thats why we quit smoking that strain.They now uv blocking mason jars. That may help keep it around even longer if you dont smoke it all.