Long shot here…

So I’m from Virginia Beach. In the 90s, and probably before there was a strain going around called “ghani” I’ve also heard it called “ rabid hippy”. Anyone know the history of this strain? Was it called by a different name cause I can’t find much info about it and certainly not any seeds. Thanks in advance for any info. :v:

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Has the be afghan kush. Ghani might be regional lingo.


Ghani is the Afghani strain. I believe Rabid Hippie is a kush strain.


Got a couple Afghan growing now. I’m curious to see how it turns out. I remember “rabid hippy” having a strong citrus smell and a very lemony flavor. Not being able to find that strain is what made me get into growing. I’m determined! Lol

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Try googling it you may be surprised what you find

You hang out at Trashmore back then???
That ghani you speak of was thick in supply back then…

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just not when youre sick, the answer mostly comes back with you having something bad lol

I prefer Duck Duck Go.

good idea

I use DDGo too Get better results instead of ‘what they think you want’

At the half pipe!

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How far along? I have a couple 42 days in. I was pruning and started training one of them. It was very pungent. I can only imagine what the smell will be when it is flowering.
Afghan to close 2022

Mine are about a month into flower. For my first grow I’m real happy! I


They look great. How do they smell? Noticeable?

Very noticeable. Citrus, Earthy and sometimes chocolate. I swear I’m not crazy, I can’t wait to try it!