Live worms in pots

Do live worms in your pots harm your plants?

Depending on the worm…
They provide tunnels for roots, keep the soil loose and breakdown larger particles into usable nutrients.


So they won’t feed on the roots but will they?

As long as we are talking about earthworm type and not grubs your roots will be fine


Awesome yeah there earth worms just chucked a couple in each pot for an experiment. Cheers spiney_norman… legend :ok_hand:

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A few spent coffee grounds or tea leaves mixed into the top inch of the soil occasionally will keep them fed. Not a lot…just a teaspoon will do.


Great info thanks mate…

Do the smaller red worms eat the fungus gnats lavare?5 gallon fabric pots 4 of them. Fighting those little gnats

I dont think so.
Fungus gnats are a common problem for worm farms so if they were eaten that wouldnt be so.
Check out mosquito bits from amazon

Hey ho @Spiney_norman so I’m sprouting these Photo-Fems using an “organic” germination soil, purchased last year, and I see these damn translucent ~1/8" larve peaking their heads out of the soil in two of the four!!! And, they seem to be affecting the sprout “trunk” too.

So Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!!! Given, these sprouts are a bit too moist. They’re in the same tent, until it’s warm enough to X-plant and move outdoors (Midwest region), with a Jack Herer and White Widow Auto. Simply put - what the hell are they and how the hell do I kill 'em!?
All others are more than welcome to opine. Please and thank you!

A shout out to @MidwestGuy for my last post.
Yo mang - please read and RSVP.

Should I get some “Mosquito Bits” and give those foookers a drink? And let 'em dry out a bit.

Those are fungus knat large for sure. Bt concentrate or mosquito dunks. It’s the same active ingredient. I like the concentrate. I just load up the spray bottle. It seems a few days faster than the dunks.

Curddogg420 likes Neem meal. Just topdress it. It doesn’t stink like the Neem oil but is still effective.

Thank y’Kiddy :slight_smile: I’m on it!

Hey @noddykitty1 , Looks like Noddykitty has you covered. I agree its fungus gnats and either of the two product recommended will fix it. I get them even in coco sometimes and the mosquito bits used a few waterings knock them out.
Carry on

Seems as if the Monterey killed’em. I also placed them outside on Sunday and Monday so that they could dry out etc…
Preparing to transplant them in a day or two. I’ll keep you posted.

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