Little Tiny Hairs with droplets

Hey Ya’ll! I need one of you MJ gurus to give me insight.
I have a white widow that is 82 days since I went to 12/12.
I’ve been monitoring my trichomes closely but they just aren’t there yet.
I had one small bud that seemed to be drying out ahead of the rest of the plant.
I cut it this morning and as I examined it I noticed small really thin hairs with droplets evenly spaced along them. They seem to be made of the same stuff as the trichomes. They look like spider webs with morning dew on them but very thin. Have any of you seen this before? I am not looking at the pistils, they are huge compared to these little guys.

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gonna need pictures for this one.

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Oak, hey man! Thanks for the quick response. I have no way of taking pics of these things cause they are so small and all I have is a hand held microscope. I don’t see any bugs just these little hairs with droplets.

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Some of these clear hairs are coming off the trichomes and just sticking out i space. Meaning they don’t go anywhere. How big is a spider mite compared to a trichome? They really look like sticky resin threads.
Call me crazy!

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Okay crazy, sounds like spider mites but I don’t know that can also be mildew ?

Also at 82 days in flowering that plant should be about ready ?

… All Things Considered you might consider harvesting soon ?

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Thanks Paranorman! I agree about time to harvest. I am looking for 20% amber trichs but man it is progressing very slowly. Many of my sugar leaves are dead, brown and curled up.
These filaments look like resin threads reaching out from the trichs, some seem to go from trich to trich.

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I can’t help thinking you’re describing powdery mildew ? :frowning:

I’ve never seen anything remotely like you describe, theres trichomes and everything else is not part of the plant, I’m sorry to say but I suspect you’ve got something else going on

Jorge Cervantes on YouTube has a short video about treating powderly mildew after you harvest it a quick rinse in a hydrogen peroxide solution, you might want to check it out, if you can’t find it give me a shout and I’ll find it for you

  • good luck

Link for Jorge Cervantes and Powdery mildew wash