Little buds on my auto flower

My auto flowers have little buds at 60 days not sure why. Here’s a close up pic and a pic of my other plants. Thanks in advance.

The buds should fill out more.
What are you growing?
Light Time Tunnel what size? I see 600W on amazon which is only 125W
What size is your grow space?
How many plants?

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2 1000w 12on and off 5x5 tent 5 auto 4 photo period. Jack herer auto 2 great white shark and 2 thc bombs

I am suspicious of your lights. Have you grown with them before?
Timing wise, autos can be all over the place. I recently grew a Jack Herer auto.
This is it on day 60 from sprouting

Not much for buds yet. It first started flowering a few days before this.

It took a while but it eventually came around. It was harvested on day 136

If the 600W drew 125w at the wall, I guess the 1000W is around 200.
With 2 lights you are putting 400 watts into 25 sq ft. That is only 16 blurple watts per foot. With blurples you need to be, at a minimum, twice that. i.e. 30 - 35. High quality blurples like Kind & Black Dog will produce decent bud at that input but they cost more than they should. Lower quality you are better off at 50w per foot.
To light the plant pictured, I used a combination of 4 lights having an actual draw of 330w to cover the 2x2 scrog. That amounts to 80w during flower.


I thought they took 10 weeks from sprouting to harvest. So just need more time I think. Ya I have grown photo period plants turned out great. 2 of the pics I posted are of 4 photo period plants 3 months old.

photo period in same tent. autos 60 -70 days old

The number of weeks stated are from the onset of flowering, I think. And in perfect growing conditions.

Continued success.

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