Little advice please

This is a Bruce Banner auto at 56 days. Thoughts on what y’all think it looks like? Any advice greatly appreciated.


Can you give us more info? What soil are you using? What ph of water are you using? And what are you feeding? Strength and brand.


If it had a voice box it would probably be saying “feed me” !


Welcome to the community, honestly she looks a little unhappy. If possible fill out ILGM support ticket will help growers to help you. Happy growing :v:


I’m using roots organic original soil. Bio bizz nutrients. I ph water at 6.2 6.3 that’s what bio bizz suggested. I feed it every 3 days a liter of water.

If your growing organic you have to feed your soil not the plant. but ive never used that soil before so not sure about it


Good morning :sunny: definitely looking like she is hungry :blush::v:

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Support ticket Indoor grow vivosun 2x4x60. Ilgm Bruce Banner auto. Tap water I let sit out for24 hours before using ph to 6.2 after I add nutrients. Soil is root’s organic original soil. Nutrient is bio bizz I have there hole line of products except for fish juice. Lighting is spider farmer g 4500 430 watts. Temps day time 78-82 f nighttime 70-72 f. RH daytime 40-50 nighttime 50-55. I have a humidifier and I’m also pumping in ac from a vent in room I’m growing in. Ventilation is a 6 inch vivosun carbon filter exhaust I also have 2 6 inch fans going. No co2.

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Have you checked the pH in the root zone? What are you using to test pH?