Liquid nutrients feeding question

Hello everyone, i am new here.

This is my second grow and it is the first time i use liquid nutrients. I bought the SENSI GROW A & B from advanced nutrients.

I did some research and know how to mix but i don’t know how often i should feed them.

I currently grow 2 fabric pots, 1 soil, 1 coco coir with 30% perlite mix. Both are 3 gallon pot.

How often should i use nutrient while watering, some say i should feed it with every other watering.

Every information about pH and ppm i can use?

And sorry about my bad English :slight_smile:

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A lot depends on your lighting. If you have a lot of light, I would feed every time. If you have a blurple, you could feed every other time. It’s also about reading your plants.

Soil has nutrients in it usually doesn’t need feeding for several weeks, coco has no nutrients so you need to feed constantly.