Lime green new growth

Hey there everyone. This is my second grow and im having some issues. What is going on with the new growth that is very bright almost lime green? Viparspectra ks3000 light to exact recommendation from manufacturer. Using earth dust to exact suggestions. 20/4 light schedule. Temp during on time ranging 78-82 and 75 at lights off. Humidity around 40%. Just wondering why some are turning this lime green color.

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A lighter shade of green is normal among new growth is normal as chlorophyll has not had a chance to catch up with the newer growth yet. The new growth will eventually darken.

The burned tips on the older growth is a symptom of too much nitrogen. Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?


Lookin good other than a lil nute burn

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Im not going to lie…since i have been using earth dust i havent been checking…


I expect it is a bit too high. It should be ~1,000.

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If earth dust dont stress it. Do not worry on runoff. I get burned tips with earth dust. Unless you see a major change then carry on. Do not let it dry. If you dried it out use 2 tblspn boost or base in a gallon water. Shake and pour immediatley for a microbe boost/restart.

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