Like a virgin. first grow problems

Hey everyone , so this is my very first grow, my babies have only 2 to 2,5 weeks
3 to 4 days ago after watering them, hours after i noticed some yellowing on some leaves points,
ive been around in the forum reading from your experience trying to figure it out , but still no clue

help master growers…

temps from 24C to 19C

humidity from 58% to 75%

water ph from 6 to 5.5

soil ph strangely 7 ( tried to lower it with some lemon drops in a watering ago)

mars hydro TSW 2000
at 35 intensity

thanks guys


If you are growing in soil the input water/and or nute mix should have a ph of 6.4-6.5


What kind of soil?


It isnt a lockout so I wpuldnt try tampering with pH too much. If ur runoff is 7~ then yea a little lower is better but dont go in outside of 6.3-6.8. She’s not that drastic.

The burnt ‘tips’ are a sign she’s eating VERY well. Maybe a tad too much but i prefer to push them to the brink over rather then under. We call it ‘painting her nails’ alot around here.

What medium are u using and have u begun supplementing any nutrients?

Also another good tool for the growers box is a ppm/tds/ec meter. Dont be alarmd. All three are essentially the same. Just different… like metric vs standard diff.


Welcome to the best forum ever!!! @CarameloGrower


biobizz light mix , and perlite
last week the water input was around 4.5 ph to balance the soil, and in the first 2 3 days the soil ph was around 6.5, but as it starts to dry it goes back to 6.8 7

i started to feed them today for the first time, 650ml water for each one with calmag 0.3ml and 2ml of (bio grow **NPK 4,0 - 3,0 - 6,)*from (bioblizz)

and i just checked them and the bigger one looks down,

after de feed

so the ppm\tds\ec is a electricity conductivity?

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thanks man people here are amazing


i mean 650ml of water each and calmag 0.3ml and 2ml of (bio grow **NPK 4,0 - 3,0 - 6,)*from (bioblizz) for both

Welcome aboard. She looks a little “hot” with nutes. Nothing major. She probably will grow out of it but keep an eye. You will see most change soon after a water as she grabs solubles first. Also calmag can be used sparingly in soil. Cant remember last time i used it. I just do epsom for mag and ill add silica blast every other water or so if i remember. Just me. Living soil.

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im worried that it was to early to add anything than water,
i dont remember seeing her like this,

im cooking a living soil around (70l) for my new batch, kinda (vegetarian )

bio soil
HydroCorn RHP (8-16mm) (Gold Label)
Biochar (biorecycle)
Worm Humus
Dolomita THC
Top Vulcan (Top Crop)
Healthy Harvest (Lurpe)
Perlite (Projar)
and some living worms i added from the farm
i also have chickens , you think theyr manure is a good add to the soil?

what you think should i add something ?

thanks man

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Keep in mind less is more. They look good…they are good. No magic here. Not a magic plant. If they look and act healthy they are and letem be. We always want a little more. Chasing it is an endless battle. I just provide great light…good environment and a cannabis friendly soil and letem grow. A leaf or 2 goes ugly i ignore it. A bunch then i look into it. Just me.


Welcome to the forum and growing. I hope you enjoy growing and your buds are fat and frosty!

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Do deficiency leaves or painted nails turn green again or just trim them and watch new growth


They do not recover. Can leavem or pullem. I decide depending on damage.



Whats your thoughts?


Ok look at new growth. Yank them yellow leaves. Ph stays in range. Nutes at 1/2-3/4 recommended and give her a week in my thoughts. That leaf got sucked dry. That looks like hungry more than anything to me. Other better eyes will look. I am really leaning towards a “feed me” situation. Very smooth discolor. No spotting or other nasty issues. New growth at bottom looks good. Top looks great.


I would say nitrogen and potassium deficiency :love_you_gesture:


I just gave her her first feeding. Time to wait and see thanks for your input and confirmation


A little update things look much more gooder
Thanks again