Lights too close to marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

I have recently started my first grow of 2 clones. My friend was looking after the plants and left one of the lights far too close and it burnt the plants. One looks like it will not come back while the other is okay. I’ve attached some photos. Any tips on what to do to bring back the plants would be much appreciated!

It looks to me like you have a PH issue. It also looks like you have that little plant in a big pot and the soil is dry.

Have you fed the plants nutrients? You should not have. Well maybe the bigger one.

Generally; You drench the pot when watering. Then do not water until medium is almost dry.

I wish I had better options for you. Try to moisten the soil, and hope for new growth. At this point; You get new growth, and there will be something to salvage. If you do not get new growth. Start again.

In my experience all effort expended on rescuing either of these would be better suited in starting their replacements… Sorry, they def look like they got too hot.

Too much nutrient, or any nutrient too soon, makes a clone twist like that…