Clone is

I am not sure what else to do with my marijuana plant. Just got her from a dispensary about a week ago and she is not doing well. I have a few other clones and they are all doing good but her. I have watered her with a regular bottled water and noticed she started sagging so i tried distilled water for less nutrients. She was not getting any better so tried and flushed her and left her in a low-power light and she has not gotten better. I am lost and would appreciate any help to saving her!:frowning:

From what you have said; " I watered, I watered, I flushed, with water. Maybe you over watered it. Other than that; It is really hard to say with such little info to go on. :slight_smile:

Have you read our free grow bible? Perhaps there is something you could find there to help you resolve this issue.