I have 10050 watts of CFLs
Will it make my girl tight.

Manage your expectations for yield. In the end; You get out of it, what you put into it! Peace :slight_smile:

Thanks latewood I am a big fan :sunglasses:

It depends on the area you are trying to light. You want about 40-50 watts per square foot, ideally. Also spectrum could make some difference, you want “full spectrum” CFLs and probably about 5000-6500K color rating if you are going to use one color the entire grow, say a full spectrum 5500K or 5800K would be near perfect. Other wise you use more 5000-6500K’s, maybe mostly or all 6500Ks for veg and then mix in a bunch of 2400-3000K’s for flower, the most common in that range are around 2700K.

It could be. Check out this thread on DIY LED, many new LED lights in that range have really good PAR output.


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I would recommend 3000k or 3500k for a seed to harvest type of light.

Ok, 4000k will do both too. Probably not as textbook as something a little warmer, but it will grow weed.

I have a question. Right after veg into flower now say i put in veg 18/6 and then switch. Do I switch after 6 hours of darkness to 12 hours of darkness or after I am done with 18/6 and I finish the 6 hours of darkness do I put on 12 hours of light first or 12 hours of darkness last? :seedling::leaves::herb:

hey @MacGyverStoner Do you water and feed with lights on or off? Thanks @irma1010

I don’t know exactly what you’re saying, but don’t make any major light changes without the plant going dark 24hours except the switch from 18/6 to 12/12. You really need to download the grow bible.

So once I am done with 6 hours of darkness put 0n 12 hours of light then 12 hours of i t!!!

Can you use 0 ph water for :eyes: seedlings.