Lighting with spider farmer sf 4000

My light is a spider farmer sf 4000 and is currently at 20% aka at 100 watts how long should I wait until I turn the light up

@what_the_thc_is_this …turn the light up for what ???

My plants are about 2 weeks old and I want to know when if a good time to start giving them more light

@what_the_thc_is_this until my girls are 20 days old I consider them seedlings and start with light intensity around 200PAR then increase to around 300 PAR by 20 days, this is when I move to vegetative for 3 weeks and adjust to 600 PAR or so, then I start flower phase and adjust to 900+ PAR…


and I grow photo not auto so if you are auto you must condense my schedule since auto’s have a very short veg phase

If can download photone app it’s free and will you dail in your light using DLI daily light integers


I grow photos exclusively.
During Veg stage I keep my lights down on low power (2x HLG 4’ LED 100-300w each) until I change over the 12/12s. Then go full power shortly after.
Lower light in veg will take longer for growth, but save energy. Buds need good light for volume and quality.
So everything is a bit of a trade off. More light speeds growth in veg, but not necessary really. In flower you need to let it rip.

During the veg state the girls dont relly that much light. You will start increasing the intensity of the light once you flip your girls. When in flower for thats when you want to be at 100%