Lighting size and type

What is the light I need for a 2×6×6 grow tent . And can it be bought already complete and where ? Flowering is my main concern.

A couple of these would absolutely rock that space:

Thank you for the lighting info I’m sure that’s my main problem. Along with learning to super crop for more buds .
I’ve been able to keep my plants healthy just not prolific .

There are some real lighting guru’s on here, others will chime in I’m sure. That’s what I’d buy if it were me and I had the money.

@elheffe702 I’m gonna buy 1 soon as I can afford it.
I only grow for personal use I don’t sell or give away anything. What I grow doesn’t leave my property so 1 successful grow a year is all I need . But would like to mix up varieties.

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In that case, I’d get one of those to flower under, and just some T5s or something much cheaper anyway for veg. Can you divide the tent in two? I’d make one side with the good lighting 12/12, the other a shelf for your seedlings/clones/whatever, and veg with some lights hanging under the shelf. You could have a nice perpetual grow in there.

…or, you could do the same with it all on the same timing, and grow autos, staggered in age. You could accumulate a nice stash in a few strains pretty quickly that way.


I like that idea just gotta save a little cash for that light .

That’s what I am attempting the autos in three stages under same light schedule

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Good luck to you .
Indoors is totally different than outdoors, I did pretty good outdoors back in the 80s


Yes, imitating mother nature is hard.

You may be able to save a little cash going with a kit and just having growerslights assemble for you. Like two of these would be plenty

Dropping to straight 3000k board would save you another $20ish