Lighting for Autoflowering plants

Hi there!I would like to know the Light Ratio for AutoFlowering plants.How many hours ON,and how many hours OFF?Thanks…have a nice day!

18-24 hours a day. Most auto rowers use 24/0

Hi there,thanks for the fast response…RWR

Autoflowers actually do need 24 hours of light indoors to maximize their potential, any less and they may flower much smaller than their full potential, although autos never really get very big and are ideal for indoor medical grows for people that don’t have a lot of room. Any tinkering with the light schedule and any shortening of the light period may result in the auto flowering right away at a very very small size.

So, are you saying with autoflowering you leave the light on 24/7 for the entire grow process?


I am planning on using one side of the robe. Will a 250 W HPS be sufficient for just a couple of plants??

Maybe, what are the dimensions of half the robe?

I gave some information on the needed lumens per square foot in relation to your other post here: