Light suggestion (HLG expansion)

Hey all, thinking about my light setup and wanted suggestions.
Currently growing in a 4x2 and have a HLG 135 RSpec light as well as a Mars Hydro TA1000(150W) light in the tent. Each are on separate drivers, the same timer and running one plant each.

I was toying with buying a second 135 RSpec and getting a 3 panel slate and a 240 driver to expand the lights. I was originally going to buy a Bspec panel as well and set that in the middle of the two Rapec panels, but in an effort to not spend even more I figured the panel from the TS1000 would be fine since it has blue diodes. I would like to set the two RSpec in the 240 driver and the TS panel on my current HGL 120 driver (or the take driver) so I can control them separately. TS for veg and 2 RSpec panels for flower.


Just leave it as is cause what I’ve got is more than sufficient.

Save me from myself……if needed.

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If it’s not broken dont fuq with it :grin: maybe a uv bar if ya just must “up grade” now to scratch that itch :rofl:

Save ya money if that tent is lit up good and maybe work on another tent setup :man_shrugging: seems like thats what alot of us do as long as we have room for it.


My sentiment here.

I’d probably across the board and get a one-and-done fixture like the 350R, or keep on keeping on with eyes on expansion moving forward.

If the OP has room, upgrade tent and light then and use the 2 X 4 for early to mid veg. That’s what I do. I’ve got a 135 B Spec and an R Spec in that space and it works well.

Likely not. At least a long way down the road. Need a house upgrade and the kids to grow and move out! Lol. 2x4 will suit me for years to come.