Light for mother plant and starting clones

Hello everyone :wave: I’m trying to figure out a light for a few mother plants and that will also work for starting clones my tent is 2x2x4 but I might be getting a bigger tent so Im thinking I need a light for a bigger tent say 3x3 or 4x4 any suggestions would be appreciated thank you

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Good Morning :smiley: you need to visit with @dbrn32. He can steer you in the right direction. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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Really need to know what size canopy you’re looking to light.

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I would say 4x4 if the light have a dimmer I can just turn it down for now not sure if that’s what you’re asking about the canopy right now I’m running a hlg 600h in my 4x4 tent that I will be using for flower but I think that’s a little overkill for a few mother plants and clones

I use a simple and cheap mars hydro TS1000 for seedlings and clones. Dimmable and fits well in a 2x2 (that’s what I’m in). If you prefer HLG, the diablo 200 kit is also good for your 2x2.

Dimmable 200 Watts
Voltage Range 120-277 VAC
LED White + Deep Red
Veg Footprint 4’ x 4’
Recommended Flower Footprint 2’ x 2’

For a 4x4 you could probably do 8 bulb t5ho or equivalent. For mother plants and cloning you don’t really want to push plants hard. Maybe even something like commercial high bay led fixture or two.


I use a 648 w 12-bulb H/O T5 fixture for seedlings and for the first month of Veg. The light has rocker switches so I can light 2-to-12 54w tubes.
It really cuts down on the heat and I save a bunch on light bill…

Good Growing

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