Light at seedling state

I have an AC Infinity S24. I can adjust it from 0 to 10. What level have other users of this light used for seedling stage and what distance? I am thinking 2 or 3, but don’t know!

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Ac infinity suggests 25% for seedlings. I haven’t found at what height but maybe someone will chime in that knows the proper height. :blush::v: Happy Growing

I try to stay close to this. You can download the photone app for free.

So the app gives you the DLI number?

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Yes, and ppfd. You do have to select the light you’re using. I set mine on full spectrum led.

Which is better; to keep the lights on 100% and raise/lower the lights to hit the DLI or keep the lights at a certain distance (18 inches) and adjust the light intensity to hit the desired DLI?

@Bobcaat I use a luxmeter to measure light output and then use the resources on HLG’s site to dial in DLI. HLG Horticulture Calculators – Horticulture Lighting Group

You do not want to turn your light up all the way as you will likely cook your plants.

I have Photone, so I can keep the DLI at a specific value (example DLI 45); so the plants should not get damaged. I can keep it at 45 by adjusting the intensity or by raising/lowering the light. Is one better than the other? They both result in a DLI oh 45.

I would “think” that keeping the 18" distance and adjusting the output would be better as the distance impacts stretching or compacting.


I would typically go for around 18” as well. Although, not knowing where you’re growing or your environmental factors… if your environment is cold it could be beneficial to increase light if it could increase the temp in your area if you need to do so. Thinking on the long term and costs if temps are not an issue then I would go for around 18”. I believe that I have seen it quoted that seedlings like a temp around 70 degree Fahrenheit. My current grow started around 60 degree I did notice slow growth on some of plants.

Light meter or photon app will measure LUX. LUX math conversion to PPFD and DLI and charts.
Problem solved.

Good growing to you.