Lighing layout questions

I am at the point where i need to hang my lights and need assistance with the best placement. I put down pond liner and carved out a 13x9’ area for the plants.

I am using 4 of the Photobio MX 680 lights. Each light is 43x44" in size

I have 8 30gallon fabric pots and planned on 2 plants per light.


Wowza. Gonna be a great set up so far. Those are some big lights. I stink at math. but you are going to have a tough time getting 4 in there. What kind of soil? You are going to have a forest. What seeds? auto or photo? Some others will be answering soon.

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Thanks for stopping by!

Running from clones for this grow. Apples and bananas will run in 4 and Baby Yoda will be in the other 4. Running in Build a soil light recipie.

Yeah, the lights are huge. The room is 13x11.5’ but i needed access to the closet and entryway so i chopped it down to 9’.


Takes ingenuity. Do u have all fans, exhaust , ac. humidifier…?I’m going to stalking you for this grow.


Indeed. I have a 10x10 tent in the basement with a few moms. I was going to run this grow in there but the ceiling height was a deal breaker for me. I am 6’4" and felt like a giant in there. I have 10 foot ceiling in the new room.

I have everything for the room. If you look in the image above, in the closet, youll see a dryer exhaust duct that exhausts outside, 277v power and water with drain. Im going to post more pics tomorrow after i get the water, dehum and control system moved up.


I’d separate the room in a staggered grid. I think it’ll give you the most space without crowding and be able to comfortably walk through the are to work/feed them.


This seems most efficient. Im going to lay it out and see how it works. Thanks!

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Keep me posted lol. Looking forward to seeing your setup. :beers:


I cutout a 4x4’ piece of cardboard to simulate the canopy size bellow each light (im a visual person)The obvious issue is i need 16’ in the room to stagger them to make that 4x4 work and i only have 13’. With that said, it still might be the best way. Itll be overlapping a bit on the corners

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I suppose with the overlapping you could play with plant placement in those 4x4 sections to alleviate the congestion?

Depending on the number of plants if you have ones that grow at different rates you can also play with their layout further. Not always easy to manipulate nature into our perfect specs.

Either way… You’re putting together something kick ass.

I think 2 each across the width on each side with a center aisle works for me.

How much will 8 thirty gallon pots of wet soil weigh?
Dry loose soil might be around 8 pounds / gallon. A full bag -dry 240# X 8 = 1920 lets call that 1 ton.
A gallon of water weighs 8.3# / gallon. How many gallons when they are really growing.
You are talking about some serious weight.
Is the floor pictured above grade using floor joists? Manufactured floor trust?
Just wondering?

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Weight wise he should be good. Should be 2x10 joist framing with an L360 code rating. Each 2x10 can carry a load of 1200 pounds by itself on 16" centers for a 13’-6" span. Engineered joists are even stronger when blocked.


Hey Beardless - it was good to point out but Chef is correct. Im fine with weight capacity.

Because of the 9’ width of the room and the size of the lights/canopy requirement i cant get the center isle that id like to have.


@The_Chef One of those things you never know unless you ask.
Keep us posted as to how you are progressing.

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Thought id post a few pics. The last light is going up today and im almost done with Power. I ended up using a 220v 4 outlet ligting controller and extended the power from the closet to the ceiling of the room.


@Underthestairs @beardless @beachglass @The_Chef

Hi all. It’s been a while. I thought I’d post a few pics of the room now that she’s put together a bit. I’m still ironing out a few items, but I am kicking off the first run this week.


That’s a nice space! Coming along well. I can’t wait to see it green


Oh my. You will have a forest of green ladies in this room. Nice set up!

Be careful of light poisoning, dirt isn’t my thing, I prefer a combo of lava rock and rockwool, allows for the ebb and flo system.I too would enjoy seeing things when you get it up and running!happy growing