Let’s try again

Hello everyone. How’s it going? Been a while since I posted. Started a new grow today. My previous grow was an epic fail. Lost all my plants except my 2 mother plants. I decided to switch from soil to hydro growing. I think (for me) it will be a lot easier. I love being completely involved in my grow. Controlling every aspect that I can control. Seems to be much easier to do with hydro vs soil due to the instant changes in hydro vs the delayed change in soil. (Just my opinion). So with that outta the way let’s get this grow started.


Heya what I got so far.
Mother plant is a blueberry haze. She was harvested a few months ago. I revegged her back to veg mode after I harvested her. She is doing Extremely well in FFOF soil. She is in a 5 gallon pot.
I decided to go all in on this one. Gonna try a perpetual harvest set up.

• Strain: Blueberry Haze
• Method: hydroponics(rdwc/aero hybrid setup)
• Vessels: Mother plant- FFOF soil)
Clones - aeroponic cloner
Veg- rdwc/aero setup holds 6
plants in one 30g tote
Flower- 6x 5g buckets with a 25g res
Rdwc/aero hybrid setup
• PH- 5.6 - 5.9
• Indoor- Yes
• Light system: Mother- 2x 4 ft T5 (4 bulb total)
Cloner- cheap led grow bar (blurple)
Veg- 600w MH
Flower- 600w HPS and king pro
LED w/ IR and UV
• Temps: Cloner - 75 F
Veg - Day 85F Night 75 F
Water res temp 68 F
• Humidity: Cloner- 80% +
Veg- 65 RH , Night: 55

• Ventilation system: 150 CFM exhaust out
• AC- yes
• Heat - Yes
• Humidifier - Yes
• Dehumidifier- No
• Co2: No
• Current grow stage: Cloning
• Hours of light/dark: 18/6 clones and mother
• Nutes - Root Farm 3 part
• Water Source - Cloner- tap water
dechlorinated (PPM 93)
All others - RO PHed
• Entire grow is in a 8x8x10 building
(Flowering in 4x4 LA Garden Tent inside building)
Media- Cloner - 2x2 Rockwool
Veg/Flower - Hydroton
•Tools - Vivosun digital ph, tds/ppm/temp meter
Liquid PH test (just to make sure)
Think that’s all. If anymore info is needed/wanted just post what ya wanna know.
My plan is to take 2 clones per week from mother and transfer to cloner. Cloner, Vegger, and flower stations all have 6x slots. So I just take 2 x clones and move the rest down the line once per week.
My goal is to self supply with 2 x harvested plants worth every week. What you guys/girls think? Need longer veg/flower times? Leave your feedback plz.

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Right - Blueberry haze mother plant
Left - Trainwreck (harvested in reveg stage) will be doing 1 BBH and 1TW Clone once a week. Once the TW has revegged and is doing good. Will do 2x BBH until then.

Clones I started yesterday

Cloner light 2x

Veg tote, light ( will only be doing 6 plants in this)
I wanna keep plants small so I don’t think the size will be an issue.

Flower area, setup, light (area not set up yet)

Nutes and other stuff I’m using. There’s some more just didn’t post. Like cal mag ph up/down hydraguard

Think that’s about it peeps. Lmk what you think. All feedback is very welcome. Feel free to critique everything. Constructive criticism is very much welcome.
Go big or go home. TYVM all and happy growin.


Mind if join the party?
Set to watching and learning.

Good vibes and good luck :v:

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So are you starting out with a sort of DWC setup and switching to coco for flower?

I’ll join along to see where this goes :+1:

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I’ll be using aeroponics for cloning. An aeroponic/DWC for veg and aeroponic/rdwc for flower. Clones in Rockwool cubes. Veg and flower will be in Hydroton. The way the veg system works is it has sprayers inside the tote. I will also be running 2x 4 inch air stones inside the veg tote. The flower buckets have a sprayer that top feeds and flows down into the buckets and back to the reservoir which is located outside the tent. Each flower bucket will have a 4 inch air in them as well. Most of my grow is diy equipment.


Well sure. Any feedback you may have is welcome. I’m tryin to get some new nutes. Not sure how this root farm is gonna do. There is another bottle of it for flowering I just didn’t post it yet. Can’t wait to get this setup running full steam. I may just do 1 clone per week to give the plants 6 weeks in flower and 6 weeks in veg. All depends on how they do during the whole process.

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Set to watching if thats ok

I’ve been tuned to watching since day one. I hope that you don’t mind that I am tagging along as well

Set to watch.

I believe you may have a problem moving plants from the veg tote to the flower pails.

The root growth is explosive to say the least in hydroponics and it is not easy removing a plant in a netpot with root ball through a small netpot hole in a lid of a tub. Been there and it wasn’t pretty.


Ain’t that the truth. I was having problems with that with my 10" net pots

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TYVM for the info. That didn’t even cross my mind when making. I’m now in the process of making 6 veg buckets with the same type setup as the flower area. I will use the same lid so I can just pull the lid and transfer to flower bucket. Think that will cause any issues? Any other flaws you see feel free to point them out.


@Kamdo same lids will work perfect for transfer8ng to next setup.

Anyone know anything about cloning? What’s a good temp to keep the cloning res at? Aeroponic cloner. I’ve been keeping the res temp around 75 F (24C). Is that to hot? Is cloner PH same as rest of hydro grow? 5.5 - 5.9 PH

Keep your ph at a safe zone. I actually keep mine around 6 when cloning. Your temperature should be fine. I do a simplified version. Big tank, half full of ph’d water, and a good air pump. The little pops of water on the stem will grow roots. I get almost 100%, and have to throw some away.
The one without roots up front has only been in the tank for two days.
Hope this helps.


@GoldenGorilla tyvm for the info. My Rockwool cubes in the cloner seem to be VERY wet. When I pull a clone out, water drips off the Rockwool cube. Is the ok for clones? Should I dial the sprayer down a bit?

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I never had good experiences with rockwool. It tends to hold a lot of water and can suffocate your cutting. A lot of other people use it with success. I’m just not one of them.
After my clones have a good root mass, I take them out of the tank, and put them directly into net pots with hydroton. The roots will work their way through the hydroton. It supports the plants very well.


Absolutely that it’s way to wet. Try and imagine just as much air as water in the cube and that’s probably about how it should look visually. It should never be dripping. Hydroponic roots need allot of oxygen and will need even more once transplanted into your hydro system.

Im like @GoldenGorilla, I don’t like cubes, although I still use them in clones but them never had a problem tearing the cube off the clone once it’s roots were showing through, just had to be careful

Then put it straight into hydroton documented here


So I went into my garden yesterday and my Rockwool cubes were very very wet. Like sobbing wet. One clone and some mold on the leaves that sprung up over night.

Rest of the clones still looked great. I pulled the moldy clone and threw it out. I pulled the other clones and cleaned everything except the Rockwool cubes and the plants themselves with 10% hydrogen peroxide very well rinsed and reassembled.