Let’s talk about Mushrooms

Mostly the non-psychedelic kind but those are cool too.

I watched a great documentary recently that featured Paul Stametz pretty heavily and I feel like I’ve been awakened by the call of the fungus and want to grow a bunch this winter.

The number one thing I’m interested in growing is lions mane mushrooms. I understand they have great benefits for your neurological system and are really delicious as well. There’s also a few of the harder to find Japanese varieties that I would love to try as well like matsutake.

I’ve been talking to other mushroom foraging enthusiasts in my area and learning more about the varieties that grow wild around my area and how do I identify them properly. I’ve identified several edible mushrooms but haven’t had the balls to actually eat one myself yet.

So does anybody have any recommendations on how to get started with mushroom growing? I’m looking to jump into this and in my mind I feel like mushroom bag kits that you see so often are probably too basic for what I’m looking for. Maybe I’m wrong. I just sort of feel like some kind of set up that involves something a little more permanent than a plastic bag with a brick of substrate in it might be a good place to start.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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There’s a whole thread here on growing the psychedelic type. Growing other types is not all that different.

There are also a number of good YouTube channels dedicated to growing mushrooms.


I took mushroom biology in college. Don’t really remember why but it feels very Oregonian that it was a class that they offered. I had many a field trip out into the wilderness to hunt for mushrooms of all sorts. My biology professor told me that you’re about 100x more likely from eating a random berry in the wild than a random mushroom. Most mushrooms will cause minor gastrointestinal distress if you eat them and they aren’t edible.

Amanita mushrooms are easily identified (stay away) and the rest? Well. If it isn’t a “little brown” you’ll probably identify it with a fair bit of accuracy.

The Cubensis Adventures thread is a great read and I bet @CoyoteCody could help get you started with what you’d need to cultivate any mushroom.

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I’ve been tempted to give them a try, the kind that gets you high that is, but i have no idea how to get them

I just ordered Peyote seeds - I’m sure mushroom spores can’t be that hard to find.
The seeds for a cactus from Texas came to me from Thailand! :rofl:

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Yes I guess times have changed. I wonder why more grow rooms are not equipped with " mushroom" closets?

Hope you’re young, lol. You won’t be able to reap your rewards for like 13 years


Years ago they grew in cow patties around here but I haven’t seen any in decades. For some strange reason that I have heard numerous conspiracy theories about.

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They supposedly added stuff to their food to prevent the growth

Yeah I think that one was conspiracy theory number 1, #2 was a fungus killed them off #3 was hold on a sec let me light this joint as we gonna be awhile

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I’ve read 3-5 for maturity…I’m “probably” not looking to get high off them anyway - just something cool to grow. i enjoy the succulents and oddballs!

My Queen of The Night just bloomed a couple of weeks ago.

And this is the third fruit I’ve grown from this grocery store pineapple. She’s a beast!!

That’s my largest cactus behind here. It’s over 3ft and stands on it’s own with no support. Though I’m gonna stake it soon - it grew a lot this summer.


They are a fungus. Think it was a fungicide that was added to their food to keep people off their property

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These are mine that recovered after last years freeze. It killed all my palm trees

Technically mushroom don’t come from cow patties. The mushroom mycellium is in the ground and takes considerably longer to reach maturity than that patty will be there. What we call a mushroom is the fruit of this underground structure.
The patties simply provide warmth and moisture and if the other conditions are right it will send up fruit. It may appear as if they’re in the patty but they’re not.
Mushroom growing is tough - I tried!


Lol! Yeah heard that one too. I got some superskunk wafting in the air now. What temps do shrooms prefer and light or dark?

That’s not peyote!

No they’re succulents

How come they only seem to be in the patties? I picked many a hat full and made tea when I was young, and they were always in the shade in a patty, correction we made Grape Kool Aid not tea and all I remember is it made you laugh and laugh and laugh some more

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I haven’t grown spores yet. Check out the thread @MidwestGuy posted above. Should have any answers you need.

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My bad! I’ve got something similar but it stays small and grows like ‘ropes’ that hang down over the pot.

Everything looks so good now but we moved everything back into the solarium this weekend. Our nighttime temps are hitting the low 40s…it’s time.