Let me introduce You to My first love :-)

Hello dear community!

I wanted to introduce myself and my beautiful baby W/W.

I’ve been lucky and I found ILGM at the start of my research.
Already got their beans and some other stuff and I’m really amazed!

I’m on day 10 now but i only started feeding her 2 days before because i ordered the nutrients
a bit later than the beans. She is already showing grate progress and growing on eyesight overnight.

I’m really in love with her because she is my first real grow and I want to give her the best I can so in the end she can give me the best of her :slight_smile:

I have some experience with plants but will be asking questions for sure.

I don’t want to grow just for the smoke or money… I just want this communiti to grow BIG so
WE can show to the world the real thing. My biggest dream is to own or at least work in a M growing lab.
Maybe in few years i will, but for now let’s keep the monsters in the closet :smiley:

Hope for many new friends in this community and maybe some encounter through the years.

Keep growing and stay green!!




First of all I want to say WELCOME!
If that is 10 days old I recommend to stop feeding her for now…but depending on what soil you use… The nutrients are recommended to be used after the plant have 4-5 sets of true leaves or after the first 2( sprout leaves) are died(get brown and dry). Hope this help.


@M4ur spot on brother
@Stratos welcome to the forum first off
Let me say this you don’t need to feed your girls until the round feeder leaves turn yellow and fall off
Second thing is this can you answer a few questions
1soil type
Pot sizes
What ph are you watering with
The plant looks good so far but feeding to early will definitely burn her
Happy growing and if you have questions justvtag a few of us out @ symbol in front of our user name :+1:
:cowboy_hat_face: CB


Ok, thanks for the advice. She is 10 days old from the first time i turned the lights on for 18/6. She is 12 days old in total. Got a bit confused on starting to count days so I adopted the quote to start counting from the sight of first 2 real leaves, which i obviously took a bit too serious :smile: acording to that… this picture confused me even more…

I’m using the same fefertilizers as the picture says.

Got me scared to not use high fertilised soil for germinating and not good for seedling so I bought an ordinary garden soil and enriched it with a bit of perlite. The pot is app. 2 - 2.5 gal. The pH of water is is exactly 6.5 The soil unfortunately tends to be around 7.

This is the soil I intend to put her after the first transplantation. What do You think about it. Y/N

So when do I start counting the vegetation days coz I’m really confused now…

Thank You ALL! :smiley:

Welcome to ILGM @Stratos.
My first grow were white widows from ILGM and was extremely happy with the end results.
I agree with @M4ur and @Countryboyjvd1971 about feeding too early.
I am assuming you purchased the Flower Power nutrients from ILGM? I will be using them on my next grow so I’ll be interested in following along to see how well you do.
Happy growing :+1:


Thanks :slight_smile: Nice to hear i already have someone to test with same nutrients… I am realy sorry i started so early and I hope that she doesn’t burn because she is a real beuty. She is just doubles from day to day… I gave her a shot of 1l with 0.5 Start fertilizer… the pH of water fell to 6.2 She’s having a party right now but i hope she will be fine… I can’t flush right now because is already moist so need to wait a day or two.

If the plant didn’t burned in the start by mistake
I think this fertilizers are going to do something beautiful with this plant.


You should be ok.
I believe you would start the vegetative growth when you have 5 sets of true leafs (not including the cotyledon or small round feeder leafs) but there are varying opinions in this.
@Countryboyjvd1971 when do you start counting the vegetative stage of growth?


This will be great fun watching your little girl grow up.

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Welcome Stratos! You are gonna learn a lot here and meet some really outstanding people. I will be following. You are about a month behind me and this is my first grow as well…


PS I hope you don’t have a significant other! LOL he/she might not take to kindly to coming in second to a “weed” HAH :wink::sun_with_face:


Thank You! Hope we both do a great job :wink:

I’m a male and also a loner so nothing will ever stand between me and my girls :smile:
I’m working till 8PM and her day starts at 9PM so stay tuned for new pictures.

So excited about all of this… Finaly started doing what I like the most.

YOU people made my day!! Thank You so much for your suport!


Welcome! Tons of helpful people here, I’ll be following along, update often. We all need growing entertainment! It’ll become “bud porn” eventually… look forward to following along!


@Jmesser80 I start counting veg around 3-4 weeks depending on growth of the plant
Which usually for my experience has been around the same time the feeder leaves fall out ff the round leaves proper name starts with a c
And that’s when I would start feeding also
Another thing the flower power
Depending on the soil being use the first starter nutes won’t be needed in say ffof or similar soil cause it already has nutes but in a meaduim like promix bx
You would need it
@latewood would be best to ask this to tho cause I’m only mentioning it because I saw in another thread some where him telling some one that and
In truth I’ve never used those particular nutes and have no working g knowledge of them
So I hope he’ll chime in and explain it more for you


Thank you @Countryboyjvd1971.
I’ll keep an eye for @latewood response as well I will be using be flower power nutes in my next grow and will be using sunshine mix #4 so it will be good to find out about the starter nutrients.

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That photo is only 10 days?!? It looks much bigger than mine. I’m jealous :wink:


Hi all :slight_smile:

@Countryboyjvd1971 and all other growers

I had in mind to transplant her in a soil which says high nutrient level and NPK is 14 10 18

The question is… Can I transplant her the day the first feeder leaves start to go yelow or the day after in the mentioned soil and water it with the nutrient solution of 1l and 0.5g of start fertilizer NPK 11 40 13

Or maybe i should go with water only for the first time? It’s my first time with nutrients so i don’t want to rush anything. I just want a long long grow for maximum yield. Would like also to know some tested growing shedules for maximized fem ww.

Here are some pics from today. This is my first time seeing her under normal light. :smile:

She is a real beauty :smile:

Need to transplant her but had problems with pots.

Is it to early to transplant her on star of veg in a smart pot of 10 gal?

Thanks all for the advices and suport!


Actually 12. day… Don’t be jealous :smile: they will all grow big! Nice ladys with big flowers in their hair hahahah :smile:

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Never too early! (Well maybe…) to be certain I would wait maybe one more week? You just want to make sure that you have a great root system to support it after it’s been moved.

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Yes, you are right. Better to wait a week longer an than have a bigger root. The roots are everithing so need to be careful with them. I also wonder which mixture of soil and perlite to make. Must reed the bible a bit :wink:

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@Stratos All out of likes, but that sounds good. The Bible read is a good read. I read it all, and I still know just enough to be dangerous. Hahahahahahha


You can use the soil I believe
And yes you can transplant her at that time or anytime as well
I usually wait till I have five sets of true leaves so not counting round leaves a firstvset of single finger leaves I start. Counting nodes when I have five I’ll transplant mine and top or fim a few days later
That what I do
If you use that soil your not going to need to feed her till probably flower as long as you water with proper ph
I assume is a soil and not soulless medium and say 6.3-6.8 ph water
If it soilless medium 5.6-6 ph is necessary @Stratos
As far as how much perilte to use I mix in about 70
-30 mix I also add vermiculite to mine 70 % soil to 30% vermiculite and perlite mix again what I do