Left small 60w grow light on for 9 hr of 12hr darkness cycle

Hey all,

I have 4 plants in my indoor grow room. They are about 25 days into flower and everything has been going well. But lastnight I left the room light on not the grow lights and forgot about it. At 6 am the grow lights go off for there 12 hour dark cycle and the 60w room light was on until 3:00 so that was 9 hrs of the 60 w bulb being on out of the 12 hour dark cycle. Will my girls be ok or should I switch my timing and give them 12 hours of darkness from 3:00 ?

You should be fine. Too many times though and you’ll have problems

Keep original schedule. One time won’t make diff.

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Ok that’s what I thought as well. Thanks. What I am going to do is change that 60w to a green bulb that way in case it happens again at least it’s a green light

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Should be fine as said above, heck, I’ve hung a 100watt bulb in the tent unplugged all the burple lights, and took pictures for reference, maybe 10 15, mins at a time … Multiple times and it may have done some bad, but I cant see it or tell it has. BUT… I dont recomend it …I have since stopped doing it …LOL (got yawed at in another forum hehe)

Go back to your normal schedule. More screwing around with light schedule will likely cause more problems than good.