LED replacement recommendation

Hello All,

Looking for some guidance or a recommendation on replacing my current QB’s. Price is not a concern, but I would like the best bang for the buck and ideal under a grand.

This replacement LED would need to be seed to smoke (full spectrum) and fit in a 3x3 and preferably mount the driver (s) outside of the tent.

I wanted a bigger space and mammoth or spyders, but the Mrs all but told me no. I like dinner(s) so here I am… Was looking at electricsky as a potential replacement or maybe a HLG-550 V2 which is overkill for the space. Also considered the ARA-20 240W Kit by atreum, but they’re out of stock.

Any input or recommendations is appreciated or maybe just want to tell me what you’re using and if you’re happy with the results

Thanks in advance


Welcome., the HIG 260 watt qb LED kit R-Spec Would be a good fit For your 3 x3 space. Says to veg a 4 by 4 space. And flower a 3 by 3 space. Just my thoughts. Good luck.


@dbrn32 thanks

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3x3 is really easy to build for. Which qb’s do you have? I’m guessing you want an upgrade from that?

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Yes sir… currently using MarsHydro ts2000

Ideally I would get better efficiency and end results. The TSW2000 isn’t a bad light and has taken me through two grows, but imo lacking efficiency for what it is and actually puts off quite a bit of heat. Just for reference, I am able to keep my tent at or below 80 degrees with this LED at 100%, but the drivers (2) are mounted outside the tent.

uvb would be nice as well, but not required. Far reds would be a great addition.

Most important other than efficiency and the product the led produces, the ability to mount driver (s) outside of the tent is a major plus for me.

Cost is not a concern. Would prefer a professional grade led that I can put in a 3x3 with minimal hands on. Might be a lot to ask, but I do have a group of certified electricians at my disposal if the LED requires lite assembly.

HLG is running a special for that 550 V2 R which brings the cost down to around 700$

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Just do the 550 and never look back. You can run it at a low output for much higher efficacy too.


If you do photo boost or Samsung L2 modules you can get to 3 umol/joule board efficacy. That would be equivalent to what the biggest baddest light from fluence does for total system efficacy. You would have to run them at about 700ma though, which probably means 2 drivers for 3x3 sized light.


Appreciate all of the responses.

I like the idea of unboxing, hanging and plugging in which HLG offers in the 550v2R (guess I’m lazy/dumb and prefer the heavy lifting done for me)


3 umol/joule is where I want to be. Thanks for the tips/recommendations - more research now


I would recommend you look at what budgetgrowlights has to offer. Fast shipment, but more importantly well packed, (mostly) pre-assembled w/dim switch, and the plants are thriving.


@dbrn32 what are your thoughts on budgetleds? Inexpensive in comparison to HLG’s 550 r2 and claims 3.03 umol (half the cost of HLG^)

The series 3 red spec 250 watt dimmable LED - 370$ out the door

I’d post a link, but don’t want to potentially add a link from an unapproved vendor, but it is visible on the pics. American made (makes me happy and cautious) in Michigan

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To best of my knowledge they don’t claim that any of their lights run at 3 umol/joule. Just that they run Samsung leds that are capable of running over umol/joule. After reviewing their website, the boards aren’t any cheaper than hlg’s boards. Their complete lights are, but not exactly sure what you’re getting there. Their smaller lights come with cheap drivers that won’t have full output unless on 220v circuit.

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Appreciate the insanely quick response and expertise. Back to square one.


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You definitely get what you pay for with lighting!

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