LED marijuana grow lights

An inquiry from a fellow grower:

In all of the information I have read I have not seen anything about LED lighting. I know that most do not think that they are not worth much. What is your take on these type of lights?

Too expensive; unproven for the most part. I want the most intensity for the buck. HID all the way.

Digital ballast have gotten so in-expensive, that there is absolutely no reason to downgrade; In my situation. I have big lights and digital’s, and CFL’s (in fact; I would rather grow with the big 125-200watt CFL’s than any LEDs; For a fraction of the cost for the same power.

Even for seedlings and Moms. Fluorescent is the way go for that. Super cheap.

That is why you never hear me say anything or promoting LEDs. Peace.lw

Advance Led lights or Hydroponic has a new Led light , most don’t like them , but for small spaces and the sake of heat , led would be your choice . But be careful with over watering .

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