Preventing marijuana smell & LED growing

2 questions from a fellow grower:

Hello, I have a question about preventing smell. How well do chemical
odor control work? Also, is it better growing with LED’s? I know there
has been quite some controversy upon the subject but if done correct,
how much of a yield could I expect?

  1. Not very good. You need an exhaust fan and carbon filter setup.

2.I do not use LED. I use HID, and T5 for seedlings and clones.

Never a controversy. LEDs are more expensive, but cooler. Some claim a lower Electric bill, but I have never endured a bill so bad that I did not think it was worth using HIDs.

With a good exhaust system, you can buy an affordable HID system and save a bunch of money.

Yield is entirely speculative due to growing techniques, experience, and how efficient your entire grow setup is; You could get 1/4oz. Or an LB. This is entirely up to you. :slight_smile:

I have been using a LED for several months now and IT ROCKS ! Veg growth has been excellent and it is flowering like crazy now! Although this is my second indoor grow, I have had a friend remark that my growth has been really good and he is impressed. He said he is going to go LED when the prices go down a little.

I have a small grow area (4x2x5) so I elected to go LED as I heard the results were good and cooler lights are a big plus. The cost was about $120 more than HPS for me. I do have to admit though, that I have spent a lot of time researching and on line. That probably made my grow a little better.

The LED is 432 watt and does not heat up the tent too much. I use a in line fan and keep temps about 78 - 80 in day. I have heard that LED makes the cola’s very hard and dense.

The buds are really growing fast now and look great. I did grow outside many years ago but can not remember buds developing this fast. Of course, the strains are likely better now and the nutes are more specialized. Robert has some excellent genetics from my results so far.

That is my 2 cents on LED. It performs good for me.


My biggest issue in this conversation is then fact that I have never seen a side by side grow that proved LED lamps are as efficient and grow as large a yield.

I would go with an HID digital lamp all day long. :slight_smile: Peace

This is going to be my next big change. Lighting I have got to get a
better grip on the heat. Right now I’m using two 1000w hps and I believe this is effecting the growth and amount of weed per grow. if anyone has any input please help I will be researching lighting to get the most out of my grow.

Thank u for any input


Hi, I am also interested in the L.E.D. lights. I want to expand my grow and I am currently using T-5s and H.P.S. lighting. The heat is always an issue where I am at and I thought the L.E.D. might be a good option if it didn’t affect my yield to much. I would also like to get some of the taller strains but don’t know if the L.E.D.s really have the penetration necessary to do a good job. What strains are you growing now and are you doing any special type of pruning to your plants? Also what brand of L.E.D. lights are you using?