LED light tips for start up

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m about to start my very first grow. I started off by downloading your grow bible, which is freakin awesome by the way. then you started sending me couple emails here and there with little tips on growing, which were also very cool. im going to be growing a few plants in my closet. the space is 2’x’4’ by only 5’ tall. i pretty much have my mind made up about going with an LED light and grow tent set up. mainly because of the low heat output, and low energy bill. because of my height restriction, will probably going with the SCROG method to keep them spread out and low, or just some major LST training. was wondering if that would be the best grow method for keeping a low canopy.

I’v been doing a lot of research on different LED lights, but am still unsure about which one to get. ill find one with good reviews on one website, then jump on another website and see a bad review for it. my budget is around $400. but in the end i do want a quality set up. even if i just get a decent set up my for my first couple of grows, then upgrade a little down the road. whether i get only one quality light now, depending on the coverage it gets then get a second when i can afford it. or do i even need 2 lights for my grow space.

iv been hearing allot of issues of off gassing coming off some tents people are finding cheap off of amazon, and its killing their plants. if you could give a couple reputable name brands i can trust, that would be very helpful.

Thank you, i would really appreciate any info you can give me to get off on the right foot. so that my first grow will good one, and keep me growing for a long time to come.

I am just finishing my first LED grow. I used a KIND 450. I had a 2X4X6 Gorrilla Grow tent and believe me the one plant filled it up. It was a WW and I did not SCROG it. I just used PH’d water and General Hydro Flora Nutes. I could not be happier than I am with results. I will tell you that even with a powerful in line exhoust fan and good carbon filter in the end the smell was too much to keep indoors. I had no way to vent it outside and the setup worked until this last week. This last week I have kept the plant out on the patio. The smell is powerful, more than I would have believed. I will begin harvest and drying tomorrow and I am excited about this part of the adventure.


Advance Led lights are freaking awesome , a Kind lights has good reports , The Apache Tech is like the best I believe , but I hear good things about MarsHydro lights also as well , it’s a few guys on here that are total set on Advance Platium . Now for as a grow tent , Gorilla tents are pricey but they work great , and Grow Fresh tents are good , and Apollo tents , hope this helps.

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thanks for your guys feedback those picks are looking great. I’m thinking of going with the new advanced light DS XTE 200 LED. I’m hoping it will be enough for my 2’x4’ tent. the watt out of wall is 165, so i wasn’t sure if I needed 2 lights. for my first grow though I’m gonna have to settle for just one light, and save up for the second if you guys think i need it.

If you can you might want to get the Diamond series 350 or the XTE 300 for a 2x4 , I have the XTE 200 in a 2x2x5 and it’s only good for one plant and maybe yielding about 2 ounces , but I added the 400 watt Chinese brand and yielded 4.5 ounces , so if you get the XTE 200 , you will need 2 of them for sure to get mass wieght .

thanks man, I’m just thinking overall cost on my first grow. These lights are so expensive. i want to make sure i get the right light the first time around, and not end up replacing it later on down the road. in a perfect world you buy 1 Diamond series 350 or the XTE 300, or would you buy 2 XTE 200 for my 2’x4’ space

If you get two XTE 200 would be more power and intense light than a DS 350 or the XTE 300 . But that is exactly my question so I’m buying another XTE 200 instead of the 350 or 300 . Now if you invested in the Apache Tech AT600 would be a great investment , but for the sake of cost , you can’t go wrong with two XTE 200 verses the 350 or 300 ?

i just looked up that Apache Tech AT600, i laughed out loud when i saw the price on that thing. Just a hair out of my reach. just on overall cost of my first grow with buying my tent, fans filters, and led light. I’m gonna buy 1 200 XTE, just to get my feet wet. then hopefully get the second light before my next grow. thanks for all the advice, been a huge help…it would be great if you could keep me posted on how you do if you end up getting 2 of those XTE 200. or if you do a grow journal, i would be right there with you for the ride.

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I’ve done several grow journals , this is my last grow with autos during winter . This is from an Advance XTE 200 and a 400 watt China brand LED light in a 2x2x5 tent .

That sure is a purty chandelier you have there! :heart_eyes:

Awesome man, those are some nice looking nugs. Was that Chinese LED an actual 400w out of wall. In other words, is that the LED you plan on replacing with a second XTE 200.

Thanks again for reposting your grow journal pics

Yes that is the one I’m replacing with the other XTE 200 I’m ordering . But I was pretty impressed with the yield on autos , 7 ounces total between the 2 plants .

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Hey guys I got a question for yas. I got 5 Northern light auto flowering plants I had em outside but it’s getting to cold and there no were close to being ready. The question is I’m thinking of buying the Mars Hydro 300 led light. Will that be good for my plants???

It depends on your space but 5 plants I don’t think one will be enough , it’s a gram per watt per square foot , so a 300 watt would produce but not much on 5 plants under that one light , but you could do it easily with a Advance DS XML 350 or XTE 300 but truly the DS XML 650 .

Get a spectrum King I have mine ordered and they give veteran discount. These lights look good I have an sk600 and 2 cc100w lights coming.

Spectra King is not a bad light but it does not carry the red and blue spectrum plants thrive only white intense light verses a HPS or Metal Halide Lught but they do work and coverage is awesome , can’t wait to see your resluts from your spectra King .

I know that’s why I’m going to be using my current LEDs with the spectrums. I can’t wait for them to get here and I will keep you posted @yoshi