LED Light Question

Hello everybody and happy new year!!! I am a new member of this forum. I’ve been buying products from here for a bit.

I have a 2x2x5 tent. I was wondering if I would be able to run a Viparspectra 600w in it? I have done some research and hear good and bad things on the light but I feel I want to go with that light. I plan doing one plant at a time using super soil in a 7 gallon pot.

I will run a carbon filter with a very quiet inline fan rated at 107cfm. Would heat be an issue? I believe ambient temperature would be 65-72 Fahrenheit.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

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It will fit, and should have plenty of output for that area. Not sure if there was anything else you were looking for as far as the light goes?

If you’re ambient temps are that low and you maintain good air movement, your canopy temps should be as good or better than any other of your options.

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Will be great, I have a 450w one for 2x2x5 :+1::wink:

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Happy new year and welcome to the forum @BoulevardC90Rider
As the boys have stated youll be good with that light
There a bunch of folks using viper line of products in here getting good results
As far as heat is concerned with thise ambient temp tou should be fine
I would also install a intake fan at about half the speed of your exhaust tent should be keeped in a neg pressure to control smells just a heads up
If you have any questions just post them here and tag the members your asking the question to
Happy growing :v:CB


Thank you all for the responses!!! I have been reading conflicting information and hope it can be cleared up. I was reading you should have bloom off and only the veg switch on for seedlings/veg but when it comes time to flower have both veg switch and flower switch on. Is that true or would you want to have the veg switch off for flowering. Thank you in advance.

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In flower both switches should be on
Its up to you if you want to keep flower switch off in veg
you can start them with flower switch off for first two weeks while in sprout/seedlings stage then turn on both switches
my leds fixtures dont have switches i run full power


I’m whit @Countryboyjvd1971, you can go only whit veg lights on (blue one’s) for seedling period. :+1:


Thank you guys so much!!!


@Countryboyjvd1971 hit nail on head. You really don’t need extra light for first few weeks of plant life. Since the switch is a driver disconnect, it’s costing less to run the lamp. May as well take advantage of it and run on veg switch only. Once you get close to flowering, you want all of the photons you can get. So run that puppy wide open.


Last question guys I promise hahahha when I order the Viparspectra 600w are the height reccomendations for each stage (germinarion,veg,flower) located in the owners manual?

Can’t answer that sorry. But plenty of members here with them, I’m sure someone will know.

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This is what I find… Sorry, it is not more

Maybe you can ask the seller or the producer.
This is for meizhi 600 (but I guess all led panels are almost the same…


Here’s a picture I took of mine (450w vipar) a few months ago (hate paper)


That is super helpful to know they do state heights on the manual.

Just ordered the light, I am excited. The grow will be in about a month and a 1/2 since I have yet to “cook” the super soil.

I’ll definitely will do a grow log here to try to give a bit knowledge to this community through my errors and triumphs (hopefully more triumphs hahha)


Yes, they tell you heights needed for each stage, I own a Vipar 900 watt @BoulevardC90Rider… I used recommended heights but you can adjust higher or lower, just see how plants are doing … good luck