Leaves with brown spots

I have leaves with these brown spots and they are turning yellow. What should I do?

Hi Karen,

Welcome to the forum. A picture of the whole plant will give us a better understanding of your situation. It looks like normal fade and mechanical damage that happens at the bottom of a plants…but I am not sure what part of the plant they came from or how widespread it is.

here yougo. You will have to zoom in. It’s starting at the bottom and spread fast. Was not there yesterday.

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What media are you planted in? Are there holes in those buckets for drainage?

The medium is a foxy farm soil but I don’t remember the name of it. Yes there are holes in the bottom of the bucket

Fox Farm has nutrients in it that last for a few weeks…how long has it been since you put her in that pot? Are you giving anything but water?

How much do you water each time and how often are you doing that?

She’s been in the pot since the end of May. I have fertilized with Fox Farm Big Bloom and Big Grow about twice a month.

I just sent an email but need to add that I water when the soil is dry about every other day or 3rd day. About a half gallon per water the bucket is a5 gallon

Good…you are using good watering practices. One issue may be that you are using both Big Bloom and Big Grow at the same time. I do not use those nutes, but you should only use the Big Grow during the vegetative cycle and Big Bloom during the flowering stage.

Best practice is to use these nutrients every other time that you water. PH is also important so that the nutrients are available. For soil they like that 6.2 - 6.6 range…although their product says it will work from 5.6 to 6.8.

Overall your new growth looks good…it is normal for bottom leave to yellow and fade.