Leaves turning burgundy

First time grower. The new top leaves are turning a nice burgundy color, is that of any significance or just autumnal coloration? My main question is how do I balance out when to harvest when the top bud pistils are turning darker and the tricomes are becoming cloudy, but the lower buds still need more time?


Beautiful plant. Looks like fall coloring. You can harvest in stages. Just take the ready ones, leave the ones that need to cook some more.

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Well stated Bobby’s World!

Coloring is just a reaction to the falling temperatures.

And a staggered harvest works just find. Chopthe mature tops n leave the rest to marinate


Can you do that with autos?

Absolutely. Just did with my blueberry. The very bottom buds needed about 1 1/2 weeks longer.


Thanks, my first grow, will be doing next time, had a ton of stuff that could have went longer


Here’s the latest coloration, the top leaves are a beautiful burgundy and the others have a slight tinge. The leaves have an almost camouflage pattern with patches of shades of green intermixed with the burgundy.

Has anyone seen this type of pattern on plants?

This has been growing outside all summer and is very bushy and aromatic,

I took a small lower branch as a test case and I dried it for three days and just put them into curing jars.

I just tried some of the trim after letting it dry to crumbly consistency and it is very smooth and strong so I’m very hopeful that the actual buds and even better.

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Wow beautiful color, nice plant you have there !!
Mine just went from this…

To this

And now

It took around 3-4 weeks to turn completely purple !


Absolutely gorgeous plants. :clap:t5::clap:t5: