Leaves look little abnormal

Little wrinkle

What is your pH? It mostly looks like a pH imbalance but it also looks a little like over watering stress, which can also cause a nutrient lockout similar to a pH imbalance.

PH 5.8-6.0 and water once every two days. Will check and thanks

If that’s soil it’s a tiny bit on the acid side. Soil likes it closer to 6.5-6.9ish. If it’s hydro, that sounds pretty close.

pH in soil should be closer to 6.5 and hydro is good at 5.8ish. Maybe you should think about watering less often, get a feel for the weight of the soil saturated and also almost totally dry, don’t re-water until the container feels very noticeably lighter and almost totally dry, this is good for cannabis as cannabis roots like lots of air and the wetting to nearly dry cycle is good for the root health and development, just don’t let your plant get too dry where it is really drooping from no water. With a little practice you will be able to tell when the plant needs to be watered just by glancing at it. One of the biggest most common problems new growers run into is over watering.

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<-------------------Hangs his head in shame because he’s done that overwater thing before…

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LOL :smiley:

This is coco.

Ok, so 5.8 - 6.0 should be fine. Coco needs a lot more cal/mag or Epsom salts than feeding in soil or other forms of soil-less media. And it really really holds water very well and may contribute to over watering type symptoms in the plants. If you have already compensated for the coco and added or increased your magnesium supplement, be sure you are giving the media/soil/roots enough time to kind of dry a little more between watering. This alone will help counter magnesium deficiencies contributed by coco coir or even magnesium deficiencies growing in other media or soil that has been started by the roots being kept too wet too long. Get used to judging by the weight of the container and don’t water again until the container feels almost totally dry.

Thank you.

I google and they also mentioned that I may have nitrogen toxic. Is this possible?

Probably not. Nitrogen burn looks different, usually yellow to brown burning at the pointy tips and the rest of the leaf can look mostly normal. The look of your leaves looks a lot like overwatering, all puffy and bloated looking, swollen and drooping with too much water and the related signs of deficiency caused by keeping the roots too wet too long.

I am sorry. I have to ask. What is your humidity?

Around 35%

I would advise raising the humidity 10%, at least

Hi there everyone,
I have Whappa indoor 10 weeks old plants and just started to flower. I have unusual white spots on some plats leaves. I couldn’t identified the problem by looking at all diseases leave photos, so I need some help please.
Can you tell me what course these spots on healthy leaves?

What is the pH, EC/PPM, temperature and humidity?

My eyes are bad, but I believe that is a Spider mite infestation. :frowning:

PH around 6.8, Temperature 25C. sorry I don’t know the conversion to F. Humidity is about 65%. I don’t know what EC/PPM means.

Do you mean some bug got in to the leaves?