Leaves just don't look perky

Can’t figure out whats up. Ideas, please? flushed reduced firt. little one had fungus. like frekles.

How often and how much are you watering?

No set amount. Water tell water seeps out. Then I can wait tell pot feels lite will be no change all through water absorption. Water firt. once about every 2 days about 1/2 Gal. to 3/4 seeps out bottom may take a couple of hrs slow watering other wise just runs out bottom.

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Here’s a support ticket…

Strain/Age: Type, Bag Seed, Or Na

Medium: soil, Coco, mix, hydro

If hydro, system type:


What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? Ec, Or Tds

Indoor Or Outdoor:

Light System, Size:

Temps: Day, Night

Humidity: Day, Night

Ventilation System; Yes, No, Size

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

Fill this out the best you can, with any additional info you think may be helpful. Good luck and happy growing!!!

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Your temp shows 72. Is that an average mid cycle? If so you are a bit cold. Can slow them a lot. 55% rh is better than what i maintain.can you getem 80-84 and 70-75 or so dark cycle? They huddle in the cold…open in the warmth. I also see bottom temp was 57. Too far a range.


Outta :green_heart:’s, but like @Storm said low temps can slow down production.

LSD fem., Always adjust PH to between 6.5/6.2. one 5wks one 7 wks. MG. soil moisture control, Was 1/4 tsp 20/20/20, 1/4 tsp 15/30/15 6 tbl liquid bone meal (2 tbl garden Mag maybe to much after looking around need more like 1 tsp? all per. gal… flushed sun. 23 went 12/12 light, dropped firt. to 1/4 tsp 15/30/15 2 tsp liquid Kool bloom 0/10/10 no Mag… no idea of strength all per gal., indoors, 5-2 ft. 4 bulb fictures for side lighting top third of plant total 20 T5 leds 6500K. top light 1-T5 4 ft 8 bulb, 4 FS/UV, 4 veg. bulbs. now with 4 bloom bulbs. Mid 70s day, Mid to low 60s nights, Hum. Mid 50% day, Mid 40% nights. Yes have ventilation keep air moving all the time fan blows on them constantly Have a blower for sucking heat Maxi 6in… Soil temps between 65’/70’. hum. yes. co2 no. Think that is evrything.

If 80-84/70-75 are temps I can try to close my hut up not blow so much air directly on plants takes a lot of constant manipulation. 70s steady through day with changes can raise day temps. Night is a problem open up heat vent but that will make hum. dry down in the 30s even then with heat vent on not sure I can get there at night just have to try Just put my second hum. away LOL

Do not need a hurricane. A nice steady full air replacement every minute or so. How warm are those lights? True watts? Did the MG mean miracle grow? If so time released nutes play games with you. You are fortunate to have photo. As long as keep alive can figure it out. If miracle grow I would just transplant. Just me. I also struggle with RH. i have learned to adjust with watering. Works well for me. Low here

T5 reg 24 watts 6400K but (led are 14watts 6500K 20 bulbs for side lighting top third). Yes Miracle Grow. Fortunate to have photo period plants? Just starting Bloom have no time left for transplant big one is getting to big will fill up space + I am afraid, don’t like bending them down at end. Hope I can keep them alive spent 8 wks in the fall just to have 2 males so sad. That’s why fem seeds from now on. If I could figure new soil will try on next in fall always had good luck with it but not stuck to it. just all I know. M.G firt. also. Used flora nova to the letter of chart once worst grow I ever had. Cheap and lasts longer before it goes bad if it does. Can only grow in winter months, to hard to control summer months to much Heat/Hum…

You have a nitrogen toxicity. Check your runoff ppm and lower it.

check on next watering last time checked around PH 6.7 run off. firt. 6.3.

adjusted some things at 81’ now but hum. dropped to 45% will work on that. See what I can do about night temps.

What is fert 6.3?

You can still change out the soil. She isnt too far in. I think a lot of nute probs will go away. Worried on stretch just top or pop and bend the top cola.

Do you give ur plants cal/mag

First off from soil to light is 45”. Plant started flow at 24” say it stretch’s 18” they all stretch differently would only have 3” to light Just depends how much it grows this has grown 5-6” a week I have before had to bend at the end of flowering so only half of top is getting light. to keep them off lights . And if I was to change out soil. How would that go safely? And what soil? Sent from Mail for Windows

Cal/mag no. Checked it out, not sure what that would do for me, 2 extra Nit. 2/0/0? Give garden Mag. all ready.

I adjust PH in fert. water to around 6.3 PH . Run off is 6.7 PH.

Firt. Water mix PH 6.5, PH run off 6.2, sound ok?